The Most Popular President in US History… Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan’s Response When Asked if He Wants Biden Campaigning For Him Says it All (VIDEO)

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Trump-endorsed J.D. Vance won the GOP Ohio Senate primary Tuesday night.

J.D. Vance will face Democrat Tim Ryan.

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Tim Ryan tries to portray himself as a “Trump Democrat” because he knows Joe Biden is not popular in Ohio.

Joe Biden isn’t popular anywhere, but the media tries to act like Bidenmania is a thing – It’s not.

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Tim Ryan on Wednesday morning was asked if he wants Joe Biden campaigning for him and his answer said it all.


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President Trump had a good night on Tuesday.

The 45th President went 22 and 0 in Tuesday’s primaries.

22 Trump-endorsed candidates won their primary races!

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Via Newsmax: After J.D. Vance secured GOP nomination in the primaries, former President Donald Trump ran his 2022 endorsement record to 55-0.

If Biden is so popular and won 81 million votes in 2020, why doesn’t any Democrat candidate want him campaigning for them?

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The last Democrat Biden campaigned for in November — Terry McAuliffe — got shellacked in Virginia.

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