Report: Nikki Haley to Announce for President February 15

The Charleston, South Carolina paper The Post Courier reported Tuesday night that former Governor Nikki Haley will announce her candidacy for presidency at an event in Charleston on February 15. Haley would be the first Republican to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination. Trump announced his candidacy last November after the mid-term elections.

TGP reported two days ago the chatter about Haley has been growing stronger.

Post and Courier excerpt:

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Cementing what has been in the works for months, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will formally announce she is running for president and will seek the Republican nomination for her party’s 2024 ticket, The Post and Courier has learned.

According to an invitation soon going out to her backers, Haley’s advertised “special announcement” will come Feb. 15 at the The Shed at the Charleston Visitor Center in downtown Charleston, an open air but covered gathering spot that could draw hundreds of supporters into the heart of the city’s tourism district.

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The confirmation she entering the race came from a member of Haley’s inner circle Jan. 31.

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The AP’s South Carolina based reporter Meg Kinnard confirmed:

AP excerpt:

In South Carolina on Saturday, Trump told WIS-TV that Haley had called him several days earlier to seek his opinion. Trump pointed out her earlier pledge not to run against him but said he made no attempts to stop her.

“She said she would never run against me because I was the greatest president, but people change their opinions, and they change what’s in their hearts,” Trump said. “So I said, if your heart wants to do it, you have to go do it.”

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Haley, 51, served as Trump’s U.N. ambassador from 2017 through 2018. She served as South Carolina governor from 2011 until 2017.

Haley appeared on Hannity last week and teased a presidential run, saying a generational shift is needed in politics.

Three days ago Haley posted a reiteration of her call for generational change:

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The two leading candidates in both parties, Joe Biden and Donald Trump would be 82 and 78, respectively, on inauguration day January 20, 2025. Biden appears to have dementia while Trump shows no sign of slowing down or aging.

UPDATE: Republican former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said today he is “giving serious consideration to running for president.”

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