President GW Bush Supports US Involvement in Ukraine – Forgets How Afghanistan Ended Under Biden

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President GW Bush thinks the US should jump into the Ukraine War after getting the US into Iraq and Afghanistan which Biden ended up surrendering to the Taliban along with $84 billion. 

President GW Bush held an event to celebrate 20 years of PEPFAR.  This organization claims to have saved millions of lives while spending billions of US dollars in Africa.  Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates and Tony Blinken joined Bush at this event which tells you a lot.

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President Bush also made a statement about the Ukraine War at the event.

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Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, the moderator of the discussion with former Tanzanian President Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, asked Bush for his message to U.S. leaders and critics of American intervention in Africa with AIDS and the Ukraine War.

“I think we’re a big enough nation to do more than one thing,” Bush said. “And continuing to fight against AIDS on the continent of Africa and supporting the Ukrainian freedom fighters is not going to constrain our capacity to help our own citizens.”

Bush apparently isn’t getting the best intel or he chooses not to look at it.  Americans saw Biden surrender Afghanistan to a group of former cave dwellers along with billions in equipment and arms.  This was on top of the thousands of lives lost and terribly injured in that foreign country.

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Now Bush is ok with another war but this time with Russia – a nuclear power.  With the memories still burning from Afghanistan maybe Americans are not too keen on fighting a war in Ukraine, where US politicians like the Bidens have been laundering money for years.

GW Bush is so out of touch with America.  He was destroyed by the media and should know that the media only likes you when you’re on the anti-America side. 


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