Minneapolis Public Schools Holds ‘Gender Resource Fair’ Complete With Drag Queen Story Hour

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The Minneapolis Public Schools has held a “gender resource fair” promoting changing children’s genders — complete with a drag queen story hour.

Transgender activist doctor Angela Goepferd spoke at the event about how to support “young transgender children.”

Goepferd spoke to adults while the drag queen story hour took place for children — likely separating many from their parents.

The Star Tribune spoke to a 12-year-old boy who identifies as a girl in their fawning event coverage.

“It’s cool that everyone’s showing up today. It’s very cool,” Hildie Edwards, who will be 13 in July, told the Tribune. “All these adults, showing up and saying, ‘I love these trans kids.’”

“Hildie’s” parents started transitioning him to a girl in kindergarten, according to the report.

A group of protesters had gone to the originally planned location, but it had been changed at the last minute.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, “Goepferd has been a vocal supporter of Minnesota’s proposed ‘trans refuge’ bill, which the Minnesota House passed last week and would allow children from other states to receive sex-change surgeries and puberty blockers in the state. The activist in January testified in support of the bill at a Minnesota House hearing.”

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Conservative legal experts and advocacy organizations are warning that the way that the “trans refuge” bill is written means that Minnesota parents can lose custody of their children if they do not consent to sex change procedures, puberty blockers, or hormones.

“The most insidious aspect of this bill is the language that adds children who are being denied ‘gender-affirming care’ (defined as everything from therapy to hormone blockers, to transition surgery) to what amounts to the definition for a child ‘in need of protection or services’ in Minnesota, allowing the courts to take ‘emergency custody’ of the child,” Bob Roby, a licensed attorney in Minnesota with more than 30 years experience in family and juvenile court, told Fox News.

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