MEDIA REPORT: Kevin McCarthy Melts Down After Losing Ability to Handpick Next Speaker – Floats Plan to Reinstall Himself as Speaker with Jim Jordan as “Assistant Speaker”

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Here is the latest in the House Speaker’s race.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy is floating the idea that he will be reinstalled as Speaker and Jim Jordan will serve as “Assistant Speaker,” a role yet to be defined and not mentioned in the US Constitution.

According to two lawmakers who spoke with NBC, McCarthy is very frustrated that he is not able to handpick the next speaker.

NBC reported:

Amid the impasse, McCarthy is floating a plan that would reinstall him as speaker and make Jordan, a conservative Trump ally, the assistant speaker, according to three sources familiar with McCarthy’s pitch.

Asked why the idea — which lacks key details, like how it would be enacted and whether it could even gain enough traction to happen — was being floated now, a GOP lawmaker replied: “We’re desperate.”

While the idea might seem far-fetched and it has not been pitched broadly within the GOP Conference, it is being discussed among some Republicans after Emmer, the third GOP nominee, dropped his bid. A source briefed on the idea likened it to the Speaker Nancy Pelosi/Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark arrangement that the Democrats had.

“Kevin speaker, Jordan assistant speaker,” the source said.

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Two GOP lawmakers described McCarthy as having melted down in conference meetings today because, they said, he is losing his ability to handpick a new speaker.

Source material can be found at this site.

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