NYPD Rescue Jewish Students at Cooper Union College Trapped by Menacing Pro-Hamas Mob (video)

Jewish students at Cooper Union college in New York City were terrorized by a menacing mon of pro-Hamas demonstrators who trapped them in a library and cafeteria, banging on the doors and windows and loudly chanting. New York City Police eventually rescued the Jewish students.

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Screen image of pro-Hamas mob at Cooper Union, NYC via Jakey Kluger, X Twitter, October 25, 2023.

Videos posted by author Melanie Notkin, “Jewish students were threatened about one hour ago at @cooperunion in NYC!! These videos were sent to me from the scene. Verified.”

Individual posting of the videos:

“Pro-Hamas rally at @cooperunion – Their people were trying to bang down cafeteria doors where they knew a group of Jewish students were working. I know the source of these videos. 1/3”

“The people at the pro-Hamas rally could see the Jewish students through the @cooperunion NYC glass windows. They were banging on the windows in this video. That’s when they decided to try to get into the cafeteria (1st video) 2/3?…”This is the pro-Hamas rally calling for an intifada revolution. My source told me they also chanted“Free Palestine from the river to the sea” – which means to annihilate Israel and the Jews. @cooperunion NYC”

Video of the pro-Hamas mob from another vantage point posted by a Jewish Cooper Union student (not clear if he personally took the videos):

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“The hallways of @cooperunion today. This is not ok. @cooperunion please protect your students”

“Here is more footage from today at @cooperunion This is the life for Jewish/Israeli college students”

“Just spoke with the Uncle of one of the Jewish students barricaded in the Cooper Union Library by the Hamas Terrorists, His nephew refused to go out through the tunnels- he was led out the front door by a huge number of NYPD surrounded by the Hamas thugs.”

Viral message, “BREAKING NOW: my sources tell me several Jewish students @cooperunion are currently locked in the school library as a pro Hamas rally outside of the cooper Union building learnt the Jews were afraid and sitting in the library, then brought the protest inside and are barricading all exits. Police have been called for 40 min and are afraid to get involved. Security locked the students in as they are worried they cannot protect the Jews rn.”

Students for Justice in Palestine reportedly behind the protest:

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“I can also report that earlier today, I saw a confirmed weekly guidelines email sent out by “Students for Justice in Palestine” advising members to partake in “Bird dogging,” which the document defined as following other students around not responding privacy space”

Confirming NYPD rescue of Jewish students:

Source material can be found at this site.

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