Even the Far Left Journal ‘The Atlantic’ is Ripping Harvard for Defending Plagiarist President Claudine Gay

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Harvard President Claudine Gay is coming under increasing scrutiny due to a serious plagiarism scandal.

It has gotten to the point where even progressive outlets like The Atlantic can no longer ignore the scope of it and are being forced to call upon Harvard for accountability.

Students are held to stricter standards than Gay currently enjoys and it’s obvious to everyone, including the left.

FOX News reports:

Liberal Atlantic mag rips Harvard for not holding president accountable on plagiarism: ‘Betrayed’ its values

Far left outlet The Atlantic ripped Harvard University for not doing enough to hold its president Claudine Gay responsible for her recent scandals, particularly her plagiarism scandal.

The Atlantic’s contributing writer Eliot Cohen, who received his Ph.D. from Harvard and was a former administrator there, blasted the school’s board in a Friday article, claiming that it should be in a “tougher spot” for not holding Gay accountable for plagiarism.

He declared that Gay’s alleged behavior, which he argued was “indisputable,” is “disqualifying” for her leadership role and that she needs to leave her office.

Harvard has been grappling with an avalanche of accusations that Gay plagiarized multiple past academic works, including her own Ph.D. dissertations at the university. The school president had already been under fire after dodging questions on antisemitism on college campuses during a House hearing on the issue by the Education and Workforce Committee.

In the piece, Cohen noted how when he was hired as an assistant professor Harvard, after he was a Ph.D. student, “Harvard then took plagiarism seriously – and in one way still does, disciplining dozens of students every year for this gravest of academic sins.”

He described how students found guilty of the transgression – “those who had lifted someone else’s language without quotation marks or citation – were bounced from the college for a year, during which time they were required to work at a nonacademic job.”

This is a public relations nightmare for Harvard.

Claudine Gay should resign. The ongoing defense of her by the academic left is destroying Harvard’s brand.

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