Nikki Haley Donor Reveals Where Her Money is Coming From During Interview with Never-Trump Fox News Host Neil Cavuto (VIDEO)

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A prominent Republican mega-donor appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto on Sunday to discuss Haley’s 2024 presidential campaign and dropped a bit of news that is stirring conservative interest.

Thanks mainly to Ron DeSantis’s complete collapse and Chris Christie’s exit, Haley is surging in New Hampshire according to some polls and major donors have flocked to her campaign. They see her as the last hope in stopping President Trump’s seemingly unstoppable march toward the GOP nomination.

During the interview, Sabin told the Trump-hating Cavuto where Haley’s money was coming from, and it will not come as a surprise to Gateway Pundit readers.


Cavuto: The money train is still flowing and going though. Are you worried?

Sabin: Happy New Year, Neal, and thank you for having me. We actually have a large fundraiser on the 30th of January at a major apartment in New York City, where we are raising a tremendous amount of money.

Believe it or not, a number of it coming from Democrats.

You heard right. The individuals donating to Haley are a bunch of coastal elitists, many of whom happen to be Democrats.

They find Haley particularly attractive because she shares much in common with them, particularly on foreign policy. During their debate last week, DeSantis remarked that Haley may be more ahref=””liberal than California Governor Gavin Newsom.

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This appears to be a desperate strategy shift considering Biden has completely cratered in the polls versus Trump and speculation grows whether he will even make it to November. The “president” seems to decline mentally daily.

Haley is unlikely to steal the nomination from Trump, but a New Hampshire victory would prolong the race and drain precious financial resources from the 45th President. This would weaken his standing in a general election against the eventual Democrat opponent.

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