Far Left Rep. Jamaal Bowman is Trailing a Democrat Primary Challenger by Double Digits

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Far left ‘squad’ member Jamaal Bowman might soon be out of a job.

A challenger to the fire alarm enthusiast of New York is leading him by double digits. Have the voters in this district finally learned their lesson?

Ejecting all of the members of the squad from congress would be an immediate improvement to the country.

The New York Post reports:

Anti-Israel ‘Squad’ Rep. Jamaal Bowman trails rival George Latimer by 17 points

Far-left “Squad” Rep. Jamaal Bowman is in deep trouble in his bid for a third term in the House of Representatives.

In a shocking new poll obtained exclusively by The Post Wednesday, Westchester County Executive George Latimer leads Bowman 52% to 35% among Democratic primary voters in the 16th Congressional District, which takes in southern Westchester County and parts of the northeast Bronx.

Among Democrats who voted in at least three of the last four primaries, Latimer’s lead grows to 21 percentage points — 56% to 35%, according to the survey conducted by veteran Democratic pollster Mark Mellman for the pro-Latimer Democratic Majority for Israel.

Among Democrats who say they know both Latimer and Bowman — 76% of the primary electorate– Latimer’s lead expands even further to 26 points (60% to 34%).

A major problem for Bowman is that Latimer has a far better image among voters than the incumbent, who has been damaged by his self-inflicted actions and rhetoric.

Bonchie of RedState comments:

There are some caveats here. For one, this is a partisan pollster, which is about all you are going to get when it comes to a congressional primary like this. No major non-partisan pollster is going to waste time and money finding whether one Democrat has the advantage over another in a deep-blue New York district. There’s also the fundamental issue of trying to poll smaller-scale races, which often leads it imperfect results.

With that said, you’d rather be Latimer right now given all the controversy surrounding Bowman, from his enthusiasm for fire alarms (which led to pleading guilty to a crime) to his support for Hamas.

If Bowman loses, he can always go to work for CNN or MSNBC.

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