Explosion and Fire Reported on Akal Bravo Maritime Oil Platform in Mexico

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An explosion followed by a severe fire has been reported on the “Akal Bravo” maritime oil platform, part of the Catarell production complex in the Campeche Sound, Mexico.

While details are still emerging, the situation is being closely monitored by maritime authorities and Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company.

Initial information surfaced when videos began circulating on social media platforms, depicting an intense fire aboard the Pemex-operated Akal Bravo platform.


Pemex has confirmed that nine workers sustained injuries from the incident, according to UnoTV.

This event marks the first explosion of the year within the Gulf of Mexico’s oil network, specifically within the Cantarell production area, a critical location for Mexico’s oil output. Approximately 300 personnel are estimated to work across the oil platforms in this region. Firefighting boats were dispatched to the scene to help control and eventually extinguish the blaze.

In an official statement, Pemex detailed the events: At 4:48 p.m. local time, a “fire outbreak” occurred at the Akal-B Process Center (Akal-B1), specifically in the section housing pipelines used to transport fuel gas for turbomachinery. The company’s Emergency Response Plan (PRE) was activated, and the fire was controlled at 5:04 p.m.

The company also reported that two of its workers and seven contractors (three from DIAVAZ and four from COTER) suffered non-serious injuries. All injured personnel were transported to Ciudad del Carmen for thorough evaluation.

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The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation, with safety inspectors and engineers working to determine the root of the incident. Pemex has pledged to keep the public updated as more information becomes available.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) recognizes the Cantarell project as a significant component of Mexico’s oil production. Situated on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, the project encompasses several fields, including Akal, and covers an area of approximately 185.5 square kilometers.

In 2007, the Akal field was listed as one of the world’s last discovered supergiant oil fields. Cantarell was the leading crude oil producer in Mexico in 2007, although production has seen a decline since then.

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