Trump Posted a Hilarious Ad Featuring the Eclipse and the Liberal Media Just Can’t Deal

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If you turned on the TV on Monday afternoon, you couldn’t escape the media coverage of the solar eclipse. Pretty much every news network was covering it for hours. It was a hot topic for most of the day.

Knowing that this would happen, the Trump campaign put out a hilarious eclipse themed ad. You can watch it below.

The ad was obviously meant to be funny, but the liberal media cannot admit that, so they’re pretending to not get the joke.

Here’s the ad:

Townhall reported on the ridiculous media reactions:

Media Reaction to Trump’s Solar Eclipse Ad Is Something Else

All too predictably, mainstream outlets rife with joyless libs responded by attacking the ad as “bizarre” and saying Trump’s was “plunging the US into darkness.” In short, the feigned or real obtuseness of their takes betray the fact that there’s still nothing Trump could do that wouldn’t draw liberals’ outrage.

From TIME’s report:

In a new and bizarre campaign ad, Donald Trump’s head takes the place of the moon and blocks out the sun in a nod to Monday’s solar eclipse.

After getting the talking points/marching orders, The Independent joined the pile-on and also used “bizarre” to describe the ad:

On Sunday night, Mr Trump posted a bizarre campaign ad on Truth Social where his own head takes on the role of the moon – blocking out the sun and plunging America into total darkness.

Lots of normal people got the joke with no problem.

When did the left become entirely humorless?

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