DEEP STATE AGENT: Former AG Bill Barr became “irate” when authorities wanted to investigate voter fraud allegations surrounding rigged 2020 election

Many people have long believed that Former Attorney General Bill Barr was working to take down President Donald Trump from the inside, and now it has emerged that he was “irate” when it appeared that election fraud allegations would be investigated.

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington recently posted on X: “In December 2020 an “irate” Bill Barr told investigators looking into Jesse Morgan’s claim of hundreds of thousands of completed mail-in ballots hauled across state lines to “STAND DOWN” “‘I told you you need to stand down on this.’ “[He was] agitated, to say the least.”

Harrington added: “While Bill Barr was publicly claiming there was no fraud in 2020, he PRIVATELY ordered those with credible fraud evidence to stand down. Barr gave the same stand down order to U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain in PA, telling him to hand over all investigations to the Democrat AG.”

McSwain admitted this in a letter he sent to Trump in June 2021. He began by explaining how he prosecuted an election fraud case involving a Philadelphia elections judge who stuffed the ballot box and how he charged a political consultant who paid the judge bribes to stuff the box. He then told Trump that he was right to be upset about how the elections were run in Pennsylvania in 2020, calling it a “partisan disgrace.”

He said that State Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is tasked with enforcing state election laws, actually said Trump could not win the presidency a few days before Election Day.

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McSwain said that when the time came for him to investigate the numerous allegations of election irregularities and voter fraud he received, he planned to be transparent with the public. However, AG Barr told him not to make any public statements about election irregularities. Instead, he was instructed to forward any serious allegations to Shapiro for investigation, something that he disagreed with given Shapiro’s previous statement that Trump could not win the presidency.

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Barr then went on to say in an AP interview in December 2020 that he did not find any significant evidence that there was widespread voter fraud.

Barr failed to take action when Joe Biden lied about Hunter’s laptop

While this is proof enough that Barr was not interested in upholding democracy or respecting the will of the people if it meant four more years of Trump, the way he handled the Hunter Biden laptop story makes his feelings about Trump even clearer. Barr knew that Joe Biden lied about his son Hunter’s laptop in the election debates against Trump. However, he did nothing about it, despite being aware that election interference was taking place.

In fact, his statement saying Joe was not under investigation is what the mainstream media and Big Tech used as their justification for suppressing this potentially game-changing development and ensuring the public did not read about it before election day.

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Barr is still badmouthing Trump to the media

In an interview with Fox News in December, Barr said that whomever holds his role in a potential second Trump administration will need to oppose his “abuse of government power.”

He noted: “Trump has made it plain that he’s going to respond to what he considers the left wing’s ‘no holds barred’ approach by fighting fire with fire.”

Everyone – whether they support Trump or not – should be outraged that someone in such a high position of power who had the authority to do something about serious election interference instead chose to turn a blind eye to it and actually got visibly agitated when others in power urged him to investigate.

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