CRUELTY: Israeli drones play recordings of crying children to lure innocent Palestinians into IDF crosshairs

It has come to light that the Israeli military is tricking innocent Palestinians into their own deaths by playing recordings of crying children in the streets of Gaza.

Much like that famous scene from Schindler’s List in which a high-level Nazi is randomly picking off concentration camp prisoners with a gun, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are luring innocent Palestinians into the streets of Gaza so they can be picked off by much more advanced weaponry than anything that existed during World War II.

Israeli quadcopters are reportedly flying around the streets of Gaza in search of human targets. Once those targets are identified, the quadcopters start playing recordings of crying children and women, prompting innocent Palestinians to come out of their homes in search of those crying in need, only to discover that the sounds are fake as they get shot on sight by Israel.

It is a sick and utterly inhumane tactic, but it is part and parcel of what Israel continues to unleash on Gaza. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, minus religious folks who “support Israel” because their god wants them to, watch on in horror, demanding that Israel be held accountable for its heinous crimes against humanity.

“I heard a woman crying and screaming for help, saying ‘help me, my son was martyred!’ The sounds were coming from the street and they were bizarre,” described 49-year-old Samira Abu al-Leil, a resident of the Nuseirat refugee camp in northern Gaza.

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“Some men rushed out to the rescue, only to be shot by the quadcopters that kept roaming all night long.”

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Israel’s cold-blooded murder of innocents

According to reports, somewhere between seven and 10 Palestinians were injured by the quadcopter crying deception during Israel’s assault on the Nuseirat refugee camp. Onlookers, who were unable to help the victims, said the Israeli “quadcopters were firing at anything that moved.”

“At night, the streets are usually empty and men are inside their homes,” Leil further said, adding that an ambulance was eventually able to reach the area and help the victims receive care at a local hospital.

“When the quadcopters open fire, they only hit the roofs and streets, they don’t find any people to shoot. So they played these sounds because they know the nature of our society; they know that men were going to try to provide help. They wanted them to go out so that they could shoot them.”

Leil says quadcopter bullets also struck his roof, door and the street in front of his home – “but yesterday morning, they fired some kind of explosive bombs with shrapnel that spreads everywhere on our neighborhood, leaving many residents injured.”

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Sadly, with the help of U.S. taxpayer dollars, Israel is planning to unleash more of these quadcopters to rove the streets of Gaza in search of innocent Palestinians to murder. Watch below to see what they look like:

“We are horrified to hear the cruel tactics of the Zionist occupying forces,” tweeted Human Aid Advocacy. “We must not stop demanding our government end their ally-ship with Israel who have violated international law and proved themselves to be immoral war criminals.”

Everything Israel is doing right now – the war, the genocide and the apartheid – is antichrist. Learn more at

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