How both Israel and the GOP completely lost my support in just 6 1/2 months

Before October 7th, I was pro-Israel and pro-GOP. Right after Oct. 7th, I was even MORE pro-Israel, feeling great sadness for the Israeli deaths that took place during the Hamas attack. Before long, however, Israel began bombing Gaza in retaliation. Soon it became apparent that the IDF wasn’t bombing Hamas at all. They were bombing hospitals, universities, refugee centers and civilian residential buildings.

As the deaths from the indiscriminate bombings mounted, the actions of Israel became irreconcilable with the claim of “self-defense.” At 5,000 Gazan deaths, I became very alarmed. At 10,000 I was horrified. At 20,000 deaths I was outraged. Today the death count stands at 35,000+ and Israel insists it is still bombing Gazans to death as an act of “self-defense.” During all this, almost no member of the GOP spoke out against Israel’s mass bombing of civilian infrastructure and residential buildings, using U.S.-supplied 2,000 lb. bombs which are indiscriminate killers of any innocent civilians who are unlucky enough to be caught in the extensive blast radius. Far from “precision strikes,” Israel’s attacks on Gaza were more accurately described as “genocidal carpet bombing” to destroy every living person in an entire city.

As Israel’s true intentions became impossible to ignore — the complete extermination of the Palestinian people — it was also impossible not to conclude that Israel was engaged in acts of genocide. Modern-day war crimes, intended to exterminate an entire ethnic group of people, so that Zionists could steal their land, water and resources. It was at this point that Israel completely lost my support. In retrospect, I no doubt afforded Israel far too much hesitation, tending to give them the benefit of the doubt, solely because my understanding of what Israel was actually doing had been obscured by a lifetime of pro-Israel western propaganda.

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Now, the true nature of Israel and Zionism is abundantly clear, and I feel a sense of personal shame that I did not recognize this sooner. Israel is a nation of extreme hatred and violence, run by murderous war criminals who act daily on a deeply evil intent to achieve the genocidal extermination of the Palestinian people. These acts from Israel’s leadership are deliberate and even celebrated in their own words as they openly call for the mass extermination of all Palestinians. It is now abundantly obvious that Israel’s genocidal nature is incompatible with sustainable human civilization (or even regional peace), and that the escalatory actions of Israel (such as bombing Iran’s consulate building in Damascus) are so extremely dangerous that far from being “America’s greatest ally,” Israel has actually become America’s most dangerous enemy.

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How the GOP lost my support even more quickly

The GOP, for their part, now appears to be wholly controlled by Netanyahu and his far-right Likud party extremists. The shocking obedience of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in dispatching hundreds of state troopers to brutally assault peaceful pro-Palestine protesters at the UT campus in Austin belies the gross abandonment of fundamental civil rights principles which now defines the Republican party in America. The very same Republicans who screeched about the abuse of federal power levied against the peaceful J6 protesters is now calling for military force to be unleashed against unarmed, peaceful university students merely because Israel does not like the content of the protesters’ speech.

The official position of Texas Gov. Abbott, now admitted in his own tweets, is that your First Amendment rights are now defined and limited by Israel, and if Israel says they don’t like your speech, then Texas will deploy overwhelming military force to arrest you and jail you even when you have committed no definable crime other than “offending Israel.”

That Senator Ted Cruz is going along with this — and that governors Noem and DeSantis are also apparently beholden to Israel’s demands — is a shocking indictment of the Republican party in general… and it is a gross admission that the GOP will readily abandon any principle at all — including the most sacred principle enshrined in the First Amendment — in order to appease the Zionist lobby that now appears to exert total control over the GOP in America.

That’s how the GOP lost my support. And the fact that Trump continues to side with Israel’s brutality and genocidal violence rather than denouncing these assaults on free speech in America reveals that Trump himself is also a Zionist puppet who cannot be trusted to make policy decisions based on universal principles.

Crudely stated, Dr. Shiva was absolutely correct when he said, “Everybody but me sucks Zionist c#ck.” He was referring to RFK, Jr., Donald J. Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy and other candidates running for president. Although his metaphor is profane, it is not wrong.

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Informed people are no longer buying into the war racket and Zionism’s victimization scheme

In summary, it only took 6 1/2 months for both Israel and the GOP to lose my support. Now, I speak out against Israel’s crimes against humanity, and I am calling out every member of the GOP who is complicit in Israel’s genocidal crimes. I am known as an “influencer of influencers,” and although I’ve lost a few followers over my speaking out against Israel (mostly Christian Zionists), I have gained tremendous reach among those who are sickened by war, incensed by the Military Industry Complex and fed up with Zionists playing the “anti-Semitism” card to try to play victim every time they are scheming to justify their mass murder.

More importantly, I now realize that the GOP establishment has no remaining guiding principles whatsoever… not even the principle of freedom of speech. And if the GOP won’t defend your First Amendment, they also won’t defend your Second Amendment… or as we’ve seen recently with Speaker Johnson, not your Fourth Amendment, either.

It’s time for a new political party that isn’t populated by Zionist puppets, Big Pharma pill pushers, Military Industrial Complex warmonger and corrupt, incompetent lunatics who want to drive us all into World War III. Col. Douglas Macgregor, who now serves as the CEO of, is absolutely correct when he says that the current uniparty system cannot be salvaged or reformed. It is too far gone. Elections no longer matter, because regardless of who you vote for, you always get (the policies of) John McCain.

Continuing to support the very same candidates that have now wholly sold out to Ukraine, Israel or other foreign interests — all while utterly abandoning the urgent domestic issues that threaten the very existence of our country (such as the open borders crisis) — is an act of insanity. The Democrats are almost universally proving to be authoritarian tyrants, but the Republicans always seem to arrive at the same authoritarianism through different excuses. In terms of the policies they support, there is literally no difference whatsoever: Both Democrats and Republicans wholly support Big Pharma and the vaccine industry, Big War and the DEATH industry, Big Banking and the DEBT industry, and above all BIG GOVERNMENT to control everything you’re allowed to speak or think.

The Democrats have actively destroyed this once-great nation, but the Republicans were either wholly complicit or stood by and did nothing while the arsonists set fire to the pillars of our constitutional republic. As is now obvious to anyone paying attention, we no longer have a functioning civil society in the United States of America. We have a failed government, failed election integrity, a failed justice system, a failed counterfeit currency, fake corporate media, fake war propaganda, a failed educational system, and a weaponized system of science and medicine that literally develops and deploys biological weapons against the American people while actively depriving the public of knowledge of solutions that could have saved millions of people from injury and death during COVID (such as ivermectin, zinc and quercetin).

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Today, the United States federal government functions as a deliberate weapon against not just the American people, but against the entire world, and each day as they awaken, federal government officials no doubt ask themselves, “How can we hurt more people today?” Or, “How do we destroy more nations so that America might hold on to its waning dominance a few years longer?”

We are living under the unrelenting tyranny of a geopolitical suicide cult, and its appetite for destruction and human suffering knows no bounds. As this collapsing empire desperately tries to hold on to power, it will destroy the lives, the assets, and the dreams of an entire nation. And both Israel and the GOP are tossing accelerant grenades onto the bonfire of destruction, burning this civilization to the ground and taking as many people as possible with them.

I can no longer participate in any way in supporting such a destructive, demonic system of national suicide. I hereby withdraw my consent and my vote.

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