OF COURSE: Biden and Obama to Hold June Fundraising Event With George Clooney and Other Hollywood Liberals

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Joe Biden and Obama are going to hold a fundraising event in June with liberal Hollywood celebrities, their most loyal constituency.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are reportedly in talks to appear at the event.

Democrats are trying to repeat the success they had with a fundraiser in New York City featuring Stephen Colbert and other celebs.

Axios reports:

Scoop: Biden, Obama aiming for glitzy fundraiser in L.A.

The Biden campaign is in talks with former President Obama about appearing with President Biden at a star-studded Los Angeles fundraiser in mid-June, according to people familiar with the plan.

Why it matters: It’s set to be the Hollywood sequel — currently with just two presidents — of the “three presidents” show in New York City that featured Biden, Obama and former President Clinton last month.

  • That event brought in $26 million for Biden’s re-election effort, setting a fundraising record for Democrats in a single evening, according to Biden aides.
  • Given Katzenberg’s role as a co-chair of Biden’s campaign — and his deep connections in the movie industry — Democrats are optimistic that the Biden-Obama appearance, plus a smattering of stars, will lead another historic fundraising haul.
  • Other big names, including Julia Roberts, also might attend, according to people familiar with the matter.

This is so predictable.

Hollywood wasn’t able to save Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Do they really think they’ll do any better with Biden?

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