Iron Dome Defense To Start Working Sunday in Southern Israel

Arutz Sheva reporter Kobi Finkler reported that the IDF will be installing  two operative stations of the Iron Dome anti-missile system in southern Israel tomorrow, three months earlier than the date set for their operation.

Iron Dome system intercepts a rocket
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Iron Dome system intercepts a rocket

The IDF reported: “This week we held several trials to check the system’s preparedness and their success has resulted in our being able to operate the system, starting tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Gazan terrorist organizations held a meeting on Saturday evening and announced that they are willing to agree to stop launching missiles towards Israel if Israel agrees to stop its air and artillery attacks on Gaza.

They did not allude to the many such offers they have broken nor to the  fact that Israel’s military actions are retaliatory and preventive in nature, a result of the barrages of mortar fire, rockets and even several grad missiles that reached Beer Sheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod last week.

Hamas’ spokesman in Gaza said, “We guarantee a ceasefire if the ‘occupation forces’ guarantee the same” and added that the Hamas would see to it that the ceasefire is enforced. Another spokesman told the Israeli radio station, Radio Kol Chai, that “the ball is now in Israel’s court.”

This evening (Saturday) a kassam rocket from Gaza exploded in an open area in the Eshkol regional authority’s jurisdiction. There was no one wounded and no damage resulted. On Friday night, two kassam rockets were fired on Israel from Gaza. One exploded inside a community in the Eshkol region and severely damaged a home. The next door house also sustained damage, although no one was hurt. The second rocket landed in an empty area.

Youngsters will be going back to school tomorrow in Beer Sheva, Ashdod and Ashkelon after schools were closed in response to last week’s grad missiles.


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