Saudi Hacker Publishes 11,000 More Israeli Credit Card Numbers

Saudi hacker “0xOmar,” who succeeded in hijacking at least 15,000 Israeli credit card numbers, published the details of 11,000 more cards Thursday. More than half of these are out of date, however.

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“A stupid Israeli student claims that we only leaked 14,000 cards, yet just one of the files [stolen] includes 27,000 working numbers,” the hacker bragged. “The fake Jewish and Israeli media wrote what this stupid student said. It saddened me a little, so I thought about publishing all million card numbers, and I will do so soon.”

The Bank of Israel (BoI) stated Tuesday that the number of charge card accounts hacked by the Saudi hackers was about 15,000, much less than the 400,000 originally claimed by the culprits.

“From a preliminary report given by the credit card companies to the Supervisor of Banks, it seems that we are talking about the details of about 15,000 active cards in all three firms together – Cal, Isracard and Leumi Card,” the bank said.

Source material can be found at this site.

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