Iran Denies Ahmadinejad Arrest

Iran has denied rumors that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was detained and investigated for seven hours by the Revolutionary Guards, Hurriyet daily news reported.

The rumors were spread following a report by the American news site WND, which claimed that the Iranian president was taken to a secret Foreign Ministry office where he and his security team were disarmed and stripped of communications equipment.

“Based on an untrustworthy reporting, it is observed that some press institutions have published news, saying that the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran honorable Ahmadinejad has been detained. The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran denies those news reports,” read a written statement released by the Iranian embassy in Turkey on May 3.

The Embassy also expressed Iran’s expectations from the Turkish media in its press release.

“Publication of these news reports in the Turkish media shows that those who cover news about Iran are influenced of foreign news sources,” it said.

“However, what is expected from media is to appeal to Iran’s trustworthy news sources, to deeply research the topic and to avoid spreading speculation when reflecting news about Iran,” the statement added.

Source material can be found at this site.

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