Journalist Witnesses Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

May 27, 2013 14:08

Chemical war drill
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Chemical war drill

Huge scoop at Le Monde: Correspondent Jean-Philippe Rémy personally witnessed chemical weapons attacks on the outskirts of Damascus:

Searching for words to describe the incongruous sound, he said it was like ‘a Pepsi can that falls to the ground.’ No odor, no smoke, not even a whistle to indicate the release of a toxic gas. And then the symptoms appear. The men cough violently. Their eyes burn, their pupils shrink, their vision blurs. Soon they experience difficulty breathing, sometimes in the extreme; they begin to vomit or lose consciousness. The fighters worst affected need to be evacuated before they suffocate.

Reporters from Le Monde witnessed this on several days in a row in this district . . .

Read the full dispatch.

Source material can be found at this site.

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