Obama Celebrates Bisexual Visibility Day in a Closed Door Event

Did you know that today is Bisexual Visibility Day, well according to Obama it is.

You may not be aware, but they are at the White House and will be celebrating with an official event.

Seriously, this is not a joke.

Today, in honor of Bisexual Visibility Day there will be a White House roundtable discussion “about issues facing the bisexual community” attracting bisexual activists from around the nation.

This first-time White House event was called to my attention on Sunday when I saw a piece in the Miami Herald with the headline, “A voice for bisexuals, Miami activist heads to D.C.”

The piece highlighted Luigi Ferrer, who is program and grants development director for Pridelines Youth Services. The Miami Herald reports:

“I am the Florida representative,” said Ferrer, a longtime bisexual activist who joins about two-dozen others at the roundtable, which coincides with international Bisexual Visibility Day on Sept. 23.

“They decided to celebrate bisexuality day by inviting the national bisexual leadership roundtable to the White House for a policy meeting,” said Ferrer, who received an email invitation about a month ago from the Barack Obama.

“It’s a testament to this administration that they are focusing on all elements of the LGBT community and they should be applauded for hosting an event focused on some of the specific issues impacting bisexual people,” said Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesman for HRC,Human Rights Campaign in Washington.

Intrigued by today’s White House roundtable discussion, I did a quick check and found in the Washington Post a piece dated August 22 announcing the event which included this puzzling statement:

The White House will hold a closed-door roundtable discussion on issues facing bisexuals Sept. 23.

Why a closed-door roundtable discussion in the “People’s House”? Wasn’t Obama’s administration supposed to be the most transparent ever?

I am shocked.

“Shocked,” because with all that is going on in our nation and the world, how does the White House find the time and resources for such an event?

Wouldn’t you just love to know what this bisexual “roundtable discussion” is costing the American taxpayer?

Do you think there will be pressure put on the Pentagon to hold such an event next year?

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