Hezbollah Tunneling Under Israeli Border?

November 20, 2013 16:59

According to the Daily Star, the IDF’s concerned Hezbollah is digging tunnels under the Blue Line.

The UNRWA’s outgoing chief says virtually all its Gaza projects are at a standstill, and you know whose fault that is. The Times of Israel quoted Filippi Grandi blaming Israel’s refusal to allow cement and other construction items into Gaza for the strip’s difficult situation. But as Elliott Abrams pointed out the IDF uncovered a Hamas terror tunnel made from 500 tons of cement:

What’s interesting is the number of proponents of lifting the blockade of Gaza who have now admitted error. The number appears to be zero. Not one has acknowledged that allowing construction materials into Gaza allowed Hamas to construct more tunnels, and that Israel may have been right to prevent their arrival. Being a critic of Israel apparently means never having to say you’re sorry.

Here’s one more development from Maan News tying in an Egyptian angle to Grandi’s gripe. Draw your own conclusions.

Hundreds of international journalists are descending on Geneva for the next round of nuclear talks. Boaz Bismuth describes the scene:

“It’s already turned into a thriller, as if it’s the World Cup,” a Chinese journalist who had arrived in Geneva told me . . .

No one is prepared to place bets on the outcome of the negotiations, even though the understanding is that everyone wants a deal — even the journalists who arrived in Geneva again, meeting like students at a school reunion.

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