Obscene Profits or Dead Broke: Which Is it Hillary?


By John W. Lillpop

Like many out-of-touch liberals, Hillary Clinton uses class warfare as a major weapon in her political arsenal. As such, she pummels the rich in fraudulent attempts to align herself with the “little guy,” and middle-class Americans.

Besides attacking oil companies and others for “obscene profits” and  the outrage of being so successful, Hillary works hard to convince the unwashed middle-class that she is one of them, a ridiculous notion which causes her to make a danged fool of herself such as when she recently tried to convince the public that she and husband Bill Clinton were “dead broke” after eight years in the White House!

As reported at the reference, far from being dead broke, Hillary Clinton is actually a virtual queen of “obscene profits”:

Hillary Clinton has earned at least $12 million in 16 months since leaving the State Department, a windfall at odds with her party’s call to shrink the gap between the rich and the poor.


Clinton’s income since her resignation as secretary of state in February 2013 is derived mostly from her latest memoir, speeches and paid appearances at corporate retreats, according to an analysis of data compiled by Bloomberg.


At least 12 organizations that previously booked President Bill Clinton — who has been paid almost $106 million in speaking fees alone since he left the White House — also hired his wife. Among them: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and the National Association of Realtors.”

Face it, twelve million dollars in 16 months makes you the beneficiary of “Obscene profits” and on the wrong end of the income inequality scale, Hillary!

Obscene profits or dead broke, which is it Hillary?

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