Wall Street Journal Poll: Majority Want Illegals Returned Immediately

Another poll has found that a majority of Americans want illegal immigrants to be “returned immediately” to their home countries.

A new Wall Street Journal-NBC poll found that 51% of respondents wanted illegal immigrant juveniles, nearly 90% of whom are teenagers, to be deported, while only 43% of Americans want them to stay if they meet certain conditions.

In the poll, which was conducted July 30-August 3, a majority believed that allowing illegal immigrants “to stay will be a signal that will encourage thousands more to try and come here, placing an even greater burden on limited public services such as hospitals and schools.” Meanwhile, 43% agreed that “these children need a process to determine whose life is in danger if they are sent back and those children should be allowed to stay here, while others should be sent back to their country.” Nearly 70% of Republicans wanted illegal immigrants sent back while 33% of Democrats did.

The Journal‘s editorial board, though, maligned conservatives who pushed the House to adopt a border bill that would prohibit President Barack Obama from using federal funds to enact more temporary amnesty as the “deportation caucus.” The Journal, in a weekend editorial, claimed such conservatives – who agree with a majority of Americans and an overwhelming majority of their own party – would “raise doubts among swing voters about whether Republicans would be prepared to govern if they do win control of the entire Congress.”

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