CIA Torture Report is “Hate America” AgitProp, Total BS; Obama’s Panetta Said Torture Works

By Debbie Schlussel

The first thing you need to know about the “CIA torture report” put out by liberal Democrats in the U.S. Senate is that it cost $40 million of your money to produce. The second thing you need to know is that Barack Obama’s CIA Director Leon Panetta–a big liberal–disagreed long ago with its key finding: the claim that the alleged “torture” didn’t work. It did.

Leon Panetta
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Leon Panetta

I’ve been away from this site for a bit because I’ve been hard at work on some important cases. But I couldn’t help but be incensed over the release of this 6,200-page report produced by far-left U.S. Senators and their Marxist, anti-American staffers, ACLU-style lawyers, and others who truly want this country to falter and cease to exist. You paid their exorbitant salaries and ObamaCare-exempt benefits for several years for them to compile this phony, flawed, false “report.” This is a “report” that only hurts America and its operatives all over the world. The “report” was unnecessary and just a litany of flat-out lies.

The main claim of this “report” put out by the former Mayor of San Francisco, the shameful Dianne Feinstein (more appropriately called, “Slimestein”), just isn’t true. The report claims that no valuable intelligence came from what it calls “torture” of Islamic terrorists. First, it isn’t torture. If they wanna see real torture, I have some ISIS trainers who can show ‘em. Second, these enhanced interrogation techniques do and DID work. Leon Panetta, Obama’s first CIA chief, said so a while ago.

In his October 2014 book, Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace

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, Panetta says that enhanced interrogation techniques (a/k/a “torture”) not only work but led to valuable and important information. While he says he opposes these techniques and he, too, calls the use of them, “torture,” Panetta wrote that these techniques produced information “critical” to the discovery and thwarting of major Islamic terrorist plots and locations of terrorists, as well.

This is Leon Panetta saying that–you know, the guy who headed the CIA when Osama Bin Laden was located by the Agency and then shot and killed by Navy SEALS. (And we know that waterboarding was how we got to Bin Laden–it made his courier sing and eventually lead us to his location.) Panetta isn’t just a liberal. He’s a shameless liberal. He has no reason to lie about the value of enhanced interrogations. He admits that they work, while also saying he opposes their use, so it is an admission against his own interests. And, yet, nobody seems to have brought this up. Why not? Well, maybe because liberal Democratsdon’t like stopping Islamic terrorists, and Republicans no longer seem to have much of a problem with them either. Do you think the Senate Republicans will spend a dime to do their own investigation and report to refute this?

And while the Republicans won’t do much to set the record straight, even the New York Times–which should be eating this up–lists a number of reasons, some of them mentioned by Republicans, why the report is flawed.

Oh, and what about those Republicans? Well, the two usual suspects, John McCain and Rand Paulistinian, just love the report. Anytime McCain, Paul, and Slimestein agree on something, you immediately know it’s bad for America. Even McCain’s usual comrade-in-harms Lindsey Graham has temporarily come to his senses and opposes the report.

Paul says the U.S. government should be more transparent (and morally oppose torture), no surprise since Edward Snowden is his hero and since Paul ripped on the Obama Administration for killing terrorist-in-chief Anwar Al-Awlaki, one of the few good things Obama actually did for America. Yup, Paul’s definition of what’s moral is rather selective: it’s immoral to hurt terrorists and make ‘em talk; but it’s very moral to allow the Awlakis of the world to live and allow them to continue to inspire and help plan Fort Hood massacres, UndieBombers, and so on. Stopping those from happening by killing him–well, that’s also immoral because Paul considers this birth-tourism “American” to be an American.

And you know what’s funny? All those “conservatives” like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and others–who were cheering Snowden–are kinda quiet on him now, while they rail on Feinstein. Hmmm . . . why was it okay for Edward Snowden to release to the public valuable intelligence about our counterterrorism operations but not Di-Fi (Feinstein) and company? They are one and the same, though Di-Fi knows better and should be held to a higher standard.

This whole thing isn’t really about Di-Fi’s opposition to alleged “torture” of Islamic terrorists who hate us and wanna kill us. She used to pretend to be a hawk on that. It’s that the CIA snooped on her (rightly so, as it turns out), and she’s pissed. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (especially if she’s the U.S. Senate’s resident “The Joker” lookalike), and Di-Fi wants to cut off the CIA’s balls. Forty million bucks of your money is an expensive castration. But that’s the only thing that’s going on here. Too bad, America’s national security has to get dragged through the mud and completely destroyed in the process.

Black Op Interrogations Under Bush Help Lead Obama to Osama
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Black Op Interrogations Under Bush Help Lead Obama to Osama

Do you really believe that in the over six million CIA documents allegedly reviewed by the propagandists, er . . . “investigators,” who wrote this report, there was never a single instance in which “torture” worked? PUH-LEEZE. I don’t believe that they even reviewed that many documents or that they cared what was in those documents. They had an agenda and they looked for “evidence” and wrote a report to back that agenda. Period.

Show me the “investigators” for this report, and I’ll show you a bunch of nerdy, power-hungry Hillary Clinton and Obama fans who think the WNBA is fabulous and love Oprah, Hezbollah, hipster millennials, and illegal aliens. They really don’t give a crap about America or whether “torture” works. They just want it to stop, especially if it does work, because they want to bring America down.

Dianne Feinstein will eventually retire (or die)–hopefully either of these events will arrive sooner rather than later. And she will eventually be off the grandstanding whiner stage to live out her final years. And she will be just as unsafe as the rest of us. All because she was mad about her pride being stepped on by being the target of snooping.

If there is any justice and G-d has a sense of humor, some terrorist we didn’t waterboard or entice with women putting their breasts on his back (yes, this is “torture” in the report!), will do something and she will be the first (and hopefully, only) victim. Remember, she also supports gun control, so she won’t be able to defend herself against any such attack.

We know there will be more Islamic terrorist attacks on America. And Dianne Feinstein just made that a whole lot more certain.

Thanks, bitch.

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