Why Obama’s careless toward Islamic terror – he’s sympathetic

By A. Dru Kristenev 

Standing before a National Prayer Breakfast gathering, President Obama traveled the pitted road of selective memory in his address, choosing to focus on 1000-year-old misdeeds committed under the authority of the Holy Roman Church, a political entity. Unable to bring himself to identify the current perpetrators of horrific atrocities inflicted on anyone who crosses their path, Obama doesn’t just condone the ISIS actions, but by refusing to speak about their religious affiliation, admits his sympathies for the Islamist murderers.

Without hesitation, the president readily accuses Christians of ancient acts of torment and treachery, yet is reticent to speak anything defamatory of professors of Islam no matter how vile, vicious and despicable their acts of cruel torture, rape and slaughter.

While most question why our president has no trouble blaming Christians for acts of war a millennium ago but can’t call an Islamist an Islamist, the rationale is plain. Todd Starnes got the drift when he quoted Obama as saying, “We are summoned to push back against those who would distortour religion for their nihilistic ends.” (Emphasis added.) If he wasn’t speaking of Christianity (and how could he be if he is the one “distorting” historical facts?) then he must be referring to Islam. Nor is this the first time that our president has inferred preference for Islam. He has dismissed the National Day of Prayer but will join in publicMuslim prayer observance and continue his tradition of holding an Iftar dinner at the White House to honor Ramadan. He has said that the most beautiful sound he recalled from his youth was the evening call to prayer from a minaret.

Then he entertains a group of representatives of the Muslim faith at the White House, February 4, 2015. Ducking naming even one of them, it is assumed to be because he feels he must avoid showing his favoritism for Islam over other religions, including Christianity, which 70% of Americans profess.

Charles Krauthammer, on Fox News Channel February 5, said that Obama has “never had any heart for this fight” against ISIS. The reason is obviously stated above… he is protecting Islam from itself by trying to disassociate it from the atrocities committed in its name. Is this a defender of the Christian Faith? Absolutely not. It is an admission that he defers to Islam first and foremost.

This is proven with every word and action issuing from the Oval Office. Within a day after the release of a professionally produced video of the abominable immolation of the Jordanian fighter pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, Obama is mealy-mouthed on support for the coalition strikes, circumventing any reference to Islam. It is no wonder United Arab Emirates discontinued their part in the air campaign against ISIS seeing that the U.S. was not supplying enough search and rescue resources for downed pilots. It is commendable that Jordan’s King Abdullah took swift action to hang the convicted terrorists ISIS had demanded in trade for the already executed pilot and then attack their makeshift capital, Raqqa.¬†

The fact that the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayib has the integrity to call the burning alive of the lieutenant a “cowardly act” by ISIS, a “satanic, terrorist” organization, puts the President of the United States to shame because he hasn’t the honor to do the same.

Is it any wonder that our clueless college students are so easily misled about Middle East history pertaining to Israel when our own president resents and ignores the facts? The example they follow is established by his anti-Israel stance, his refusal to acknowledge Islamic terrorism, which beheading (Oklahoma) and mass shooting (Ft. Hood) he calls “workplace violence.” The result is a UC campus rife with anti-Semitism, students at the Davis site heckling Jewish students by yelling “Allahu akbar,” without knowing that to be the call to arms by domestic, and other, Islamic terrorists.

President Obama purposefully sidesteps calling Islamic terrorism by name in order to coddle Muslims who are unwilling to do the same and properly stand up for the country where they live and prosper only because of the freedom our Christian Founders instituted.


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