Crafting The Donald’s First Executive Order: In Spanish, “Go Home Illegal Aliens!”


By John W. Lillpop

It’s January 20, 2017 and America has been saved from the evils of tyranny, illegal invasions, and progressive insanity.

The American people have spoken…actually, they screamed and yelled!—and their will must be honored..

In overwhelming numbers, the people repudiated eight years of unfettered tyranny practiced by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, and refused to continue the assault on America by electing Hillary Clinton, congenital liar and communist mole.

In unmistakable language and voices, the people said YES! To Donald Trump, and NO! to illegal aliens and Mexico’s invasion of our precious nation.

America has been saved by The Donald, despite the best efforts of the Republican establishment, the equally corrupt mainstream media, and the hapless remains of the Obama-decimated Democrat party.

YES! To American sovereignty, language, and borders!

NO! to sanctuary cities, amnesty, in-state tuition rates and driver’s licenses for invading criminals, bilingual education, diversity perversity, and other feeble attempts to tear down superior American culture and language.

With a real American in the Oval Office, the big question becomes: Where to start removing the effects of eight years of anti-American hatred? How to obliterate the Obama effect?

The first piece of business will be to right the wrongs that Obama committed. A “catch all” Executive Order may be necessary for temporary, emergency relief from the tyranny of Hussein Obama.

Executive Order DT 1 should:

-Repeal, stop funding for, and kill ObamaCare, once and for all!

-Eliminate the EPA, Department of Education, DHS, and other agencies hostile to the best interests of America

-Restore the Confederate flag to its rightful glory as an indelible part of American history and culture. Proudly fly the Confederate Flag at the White House!

-Withdraw Obama’s stupid Executive Order on Amnesty

-Order the Justice Department to immediately resume deportations of illegal aliens, with special focus on criminals from Mexico!

-Cancel welfare and food stamp giveaways to non-citizens

-Cancel all forms of foreign aid to nations with illegal aliens in America.

-Revoke all trade agreements entered into by Barack Obama! and

-Declare August 4, Obama’s birthday, a national day of mourning

DT 1 may not solve every problem we face, but it will be a great start!

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