Scores dead’ in Ankara Turkey blasts

The conflict in Syria is now brought into the country of Turkey, radical Islamist bomb and massacre 86 people and injures over 100 at a pro-Kurdish peace rally.

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At least 86 people were killed on Saturday in twin explosions targeting a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara, the health minister said.

Sixty-two people died at the scene of the blasts and 24 more then succumbed to their wounds in hospital, Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu told reporters in Ankara. He said that 186 people were wounded.

The explosion was captured by a cameraman at the second that the bomb went off. Video posted online showed the blast ripping through a crowd of flag-waving demonstrators calling for peace in the fighting between the government and the Kurdish guerrilla group the PKK.

The demonstrators in the front of the crowd, who had linked hands, flinched and bowed their heads at the force of the blast from the fireball behind them.

Kurdish groups are also likely to point the finger at the Turkey’s Islamist government, which is accused of tacit support for Isil and has also fought a long-running war with armed Kurdish separatists.

We heard one huge blast and then one smaller explosion and then there was a a great movement and panic. Then we saw corpses around the station,” said one witness, Ahmet Onen.

“A demonstration that was to promote peace has turned into a massacre – I don’t understand this,” he added, in floods of tears.

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Political leaders reacted with outrage. “We are faced with a huge massacre. A barbaric attack has been committed,” the HDP leader, Selahattin Demirtas, said.

This comes to no surprise to conservative leaders who has long said the refugees into Turkey and Europe has longed warned there are terrorist among them.

As Turkey and Europe are literally flooded with mass immigration most unchecked, this may become a common occurrence in once peaceful parts of the world.


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