Unleash Ted Cruz to Save America!

By John W. Lillpop

The week that just was provided both lofty highs and dismal lows for those who follow the Republican Party and long for a return to the rough, tough brand of conservatism made famous by Ronald Reagan 35 years ago.

On the low side, soon-to-be deposed Speaker John Boehner, he of a thousand tears, but not a smidgen of conservative grit, once again betrayed the fiduciary obligation to YOUR grandchildren and beyond, in order to placate Barack Obama’s insatiable drive for reckless spending and debt accumulation in the name of legacy building.

In effect, Boehner conspired with Obama in condemning untold future generations to the slavery of massive debt; said debt executed to fund food stamps and other booty to grow the ranks of the Democrat Party now, including tens of millions of needy illegal aliens already residing in America and tens of millions more being lured north by Obama’s reckless plans to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a safe haven for third-world criminals!

Boehner advertised his treachery as “Cleaning the Barn,” when it fact his budget fiasco can be more properly identified as “giving away the farm!”

As Boehner was working to destroy the future of unborn generations, there were responsible Republicans working on behalf of American citizenry, now living and those to follow.

Chief among such patriots was Ted Cruz assisted by a gaggle of GOP presidential candidates gathered in Boulder Colorado to face the “objective” questions posed by a panel of three “Journalists” from the far-left studios of CNBC.

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Early on in the evening, Ted Cruz exploded in righteous frenzy to challenge the petty, personal, irrelevant “gotcha” nonsense spewed by the CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood.

Cruz’s targeted anger against CNBC bias and idiocy was just what the doctor ordered, and his words were affirmed by wild cheers and applause from the studio audience, comprised of equally frustrated, fed-up folks who hailed the leveling of the playing field between the elitist leftist media and the common-sense majority.

Cruz’s rebellious spirit was soon picked up by other GOP candidates and it wasn’t long before all-out anarchy was being played out before a television audience of 14 million.
It WAS great television: Republican-hating journalists, guilty of bias and non-professional behavior, called out in real time for being stooges of the Democrat Party and opponents of patriotic conservatism!

One prays that the Cruz revolt will continue unabated and that it will ultimately lead to a real conservative in the White House come January, 2017!

Go Ted Cruz!

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