If Israel Still Had Sinai: How Jimmy Carter Brought Us ISIS – THIS Would’ve Saved Russian Flight

By Debbie Schlussel

Thank Jimmuh for ISIS in the Sinai & the Bombed Russian Plane: Sharam El-Sheikh, Egypt, Formerly Sharma Sheikh, IsraelFor all the discussion of what brought down Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 (and it is likely it was an ISIS bomb), one thing is certain: if the Israelis still had and controlled the Sinai Peninsula, ISIS wouldn’t be there, and the Russian flight would have landed safely, with all 224 victims surviving. And you can thank Jimmy Carter that they’re dead.

Back in 1979, then-President Carter pressured Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to give the oil-rich Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in exchange for a cold, hostile, de facto peace. The Israelis developed a significant amount of what was dry, dusty, useless, empty desert land into tourist resorts, farming, and other productive, profitable uses. Israel first invaded and took the Sinai, after Egypt repeatedly violated agreements and blocked Israeli ships attempting to go through the Suez Canal in the early 1950s. Then, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser seized and nationalized the Suez and allowed Islamic terrorists to use it as a base for terrorist attacks. Israel had no choice but to go to war against Egypt in 1956, a war it won, but eventually retreated form the Sinai under U.S. and world pressure. Thereafter, Israel retook the Sinai again, after its Arab neighbors, including Egypt went to war against the Jewish State, and Israel beat them in six days (or as I like to say, “Six Days, Bitch!”), eventually annexing the Sinai. It is highly unusual for the winner of a war–a war it was forced to enter by its enemy neighbor–to have to “give back” the land it won. But Jimmuh Carter–a cancer who now has cancer–forced Israel to give the Sinai to Egypt in exchange for a hate-filled, cold “peace.” Egypt should have been forced to trade peace for peace. Land for peace is worth even less than the paper on which it is written.

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And, now, the world is experiencing more of the disastrous legacy of Jimmy Carter that keeps on giving . . . er, keeps on crapping. ISIS has now had a presence in the Sinai for well over a year. That’s because Egypt is either not tough enough to get rid of it . . . or doesn’t really want to. ISIS became popular among a number of Bedouins in Sinai villages because ISIS gives out welfare to them, and the Egyptian government was ignoring the Bedouins (at least in the minds of the Bedouins). The Bedouins, like ISIS and like most Palestinians–especially those from HAMAS whom the Bedouins have frequently aided–are Sunni Muslims. And many of them are more extreme than the relatively secular Sunni Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. That’s why ISIS appeals to them.

Israel, after it conquered and annexed the Sinai, maintained its usual strong security measures over the peninsula. Israel didn’t tolerate uprisings by the then-mostly-nomadic Bedouins there. Israel made sure they were sated (with a good deal of state welfare, unfortunately; though some of them collected that from Egypt), and some of them were even allowed to serve in the Israeli Army. Israeli Army officers and officials were in constant touch with Bedouin tribal chiefs throughout the Sinai and, unlike El-Sisi, they kept their fingers on the pulse of the area. But the Israelis were tough, too. They showed the Bedouins who was in control (not the Bedouins). Like all Muslims, Bedouin Arabs–even those who hated the Israelis–had respect for and fear of them. Israel would never have allowed ISIS to gain a beachhead on the Sinai. Not even close. It just wouldn’t have happened. Yes, there are uncontrolled, coordinated stabbing incidents and murders perpetrated by Palestinians within Israel proper on what now seems like a daily basis. But the Sinai is not an urban setting, and it is easier to keep an eye–and a lid–on it, even though it is a vast swath of land.

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And, since all flights out of Israel are out of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, where there is very strict security, there is no way a bomb would have gotten on a flight out of there. Israel, unlike the U.S. and Egypt, is very strict about everyone who has contact with Ben Gurion–not just the passengers. Everyone who works for airline caterers and every janitor who mops and vacuums the floors is carefully vetted and watched. I’ve written about how lax we are here in the U.S. on this (see also here), and the many incidents that have resulted. I’ll write more about that later. But the fact is that a bomb and/or explosive materials wouldn’t have made it anywhere near the tarmac at Ben Gurion.

The Egyptians are more careless. It’s like Detroit Metro Airport. They haven’t vetted the Muslims who work there. They haven’t watched who is going on the planes and what they are putting on the planes. And it’s reflective of the laxity that Egypt has had about the entire Sinai from day one that it took control of the land, thanks to Jimmuh the cretinous peanut farmer.

I’ve written about the “ghosts of Sharm El-Sheikh” (a/k/a Sharam El-Sheikh a/k/a Sharm A Sheikh) the many Jewish Israeli soldiers who were attacked there and gave their lives at “The Bay of the Sheikh” in one of the bloodiest battles of the Six Day War in 1967, when Israel was attacked. Sharm El-Sheikh (and the rest of the Sinai) was part of Israel from 1967 until 1982, when under Jimmy Carter’s Camp David Peace Accord, Israel was forced to give it to Egypt. As I noted on this site, the Israeli soldiers stationed at Sharm El-Sheikh

were ambushed, mutilated, and otherwise barbarically savaged by Egyptian soldiers and other supporting Arab fighters. They held strong, and despite the murder of many of them, the Israeli soldiers showed incredible courage, and they were victorious. After they died in the name of protecting the area, then-General Yitzchak Rabin visited to plot the course of the rest of the war. . . .

Sharm El-Sheikh and the Israeli soldiers who gave their lives there are the subject of a well-known Hebrew song by Amos Ettinger, which my late father occasionally sang to us as kids. I can hear my father singing it now to me from his grave, while he turns over in it. He was very sad on that day that Sharm El-Sheikh was turned over to Egypt, but he hoped it would result in lasting peace for Israel and the Jewish people. I’m glad he’s not here to see this.

And, as I also noted, there was no resort at Sharm El-Sheikh, until Israel created one out of desert.

it was desolate desert land on the ocean, but Israel built it into an international resort destination, before giving it to Egypt in ’82.

The ghosts of Sharm El-Sheikh are crying out. They lost their lives at that stronghold. And, now, it is the scene of ISIS bombs that even Nasser wouldn’t have wanted. (And the radical Arabist Nasser would have been an “infidel” to ISIS.)

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If Israel still controlled this land, there would be no ISIS in the Sinai. And all of those who perished on the Russian flight would be alive and at home today.

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Yes, we “evil Zionists” aren’t so bad, after all.

And Jimmy Carter brought us ISIS in the Sinai.


BTW, many Israelis (the dumb, secular, far-left kind who think Muslims are just misunderstood, “nice” people) visit and vacation at Sharm El-Sheikh. In the past, Islamic terrorists have targeted Sharm El-Sheikh for terrorist attacks in order to easily kill Israelis, such as a July 2005 attack there. Maybe this ISIS bomb on the plane will wake up some of those dumbasses.

But I doubt it. You can’t fix tipesh (“stupid” in Hebrew).

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