Trump Threatens Ted Cruz’s Wife

Trump threatened the wife of Ted Cruz after seeing an ad about Melania from Liz Mair:

Trump then reposted the tweet:

Here are the series of tweets from Liz Mair:

Here is the ad courtesy of The Right Scoop (it’s very simple, just run on Facebook for Mormon women in Utah):

Click here to see the ad since Google deems this to be too obscene to display on this page.

Ted Cruz rightly responded to Trump’s attack on his wife, Heidi:


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  1. Misleading article, Liz Mair a Republican strategist and Cruz supporter whose anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome launched the Facebook anti-Trump campaign using Trumps wife, Cruz stooping low attacking spouses.

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    • Please get the facts straight. Liz Mair is a #NeverTrump supporter. She is not involved in any way with Ted Cruz. By law, a candidate cannot tell a Super PAC what to do. In addition, the ad states that it is not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

      Why is all of this so difficult for Trump supporters to understand? Another good question is why is it difficult to understand that Trump is actually a liberal Democrat?

      The logic of Trump and his followers makes no sense. If Ted Cruz is responsible for an ad placed by a supporter of his, then that would mean Trump would be responsible for what his supporters do. We all know that Trump does not want to go there when you consider the many racist and violent acts conducted by Trump supporters.

      However, there is also one discernible difference in that Ted Cruz has not spoken ill of Trump’s wife or encouraged this behavior. It could be argued that Trump has encouraged the racism and violence shown by his supporters.

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