Must-See Moments: Trump Called MS-13 Members Animals. Then the Media Lied About It.

The Daily Signal’s Facebook Live show “Top 10” features the top news stories of the week—many of which went misreported by the mainstream media and some weren’t reported at all.

We cover the comments made by President Donald Trump about the MS-13 gang that were then misconstrued by the mainstream media, who framed his comments toward all immigrants.

In reality, the president referred to the gang members as “animals.” Soon after, he double downed on this sentiment.

Plus: A professor promises female students he will raise their grades in an effort to increase the number of women pursuing a degree in information science. The White House moves forward on prison reform with Jared Kushner taking the lead.

We break this down and more on this week’s episode of “Top 10.” Watch the full video above.

Source material can be found at this site.

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