The Hoax Is on Them” – Trump Confirms He Was Talking About Democrats and their Latest “Hoax” on Coronavirus

— In yet another example of why President Trump calls the media the ‘enemy of the people, the media is falsely accusing Trump of calling the coronavirus a hoax in a speech at a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina Friday night.

What Trump actually did was recount an aide telling him the Democrats’ criticism of his handling of the coronavirus was “the new hoax” after trying to take him down with the Russia hoax and then the impeachment hoax.

The lying liberal media ran with it anyway and continued to repeat the lie that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax.

On Saturday at his press conference the president set the record straight.

President Trump: No, no, no… Hoax referring to the action they take trying to pin this on somebody because we’ve done such a good job. The hoax is on them. I’m not talking about what’s happening here I’m talking about what they’re doing. That’s the hoax.

Next MSNBC aired a segment late Friday night in which 11th Hour host and veteran prevaricator Brian Williams and guest progressive propagandist Michael Moore both lied about Trump and smeared him by falsely accusing him of calling the coronavirus a hoax. Moore also lied saying that the Trump administration is not working on a vaccine and that Trump lied about the number of cases. Trump said that we have 15 cases, meaning those who got sick in the U.S., not the several dozen other cases involving evacuees brought back from overseas.

Trump remarks at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina that were falsely reported by the media and Democrats.

During the questioning a liberal reporter asked President Trump about muzzling Dr. Fauci. This was reported widely by the liberal media.

After denying the claims President Trump then allowed Dr. Fauci to speak for himself.

Reporter: There were reports that he was being muzzled. Can you tell us this widely respected expert Dr. Fauci will have every opportunity to tell us the truth.

President Trump: Well, that’s a very dishonest question because he has had that ability to do whatever he’s wanted to do. In fact he was never muzzled. You can speak. Why don’t you speak. That is a very dishonest question.

Reporter: It’s not dishonest.

Dr. Fauci: So let me clarify it. I have never been muzzled.

The Trump campaign posted their own video of the President’s comments:

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