I am a Hindu

You are empowered to censure me,
It is your freedom of speech;
But if I censure you,
I will be branded as intolerant.
If you criticize my faith,
It is your enlightened;
If I criticize your faith,
I will be branded as bigoted.
If you laugh at my faith,
You will be decorated as secular;
If I find evils in your faith,
I will be abused as communal.
If you attack us,
You will be defended as victims;
But if I defend myself,
I will be blamed as a violent aggressor.
If you write your ideas,
You will be glorified as revolutionary,
But if I write my ideas;
But if I write my ideas,
I will be defamed, a regressive instigator.
If you strike and squat,
It is freedom of dissent;
But if I March peacefully,
It is aggression and infringement.
If you file an objection
It is your lawful right;
But if I file a complaint,
It is a misuse of law and majority bully.
I am an inclusive Hindus;
And you are a decorated evil.

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