The USA Is Over! McCloskeys Facing Prison Time For Defending Their Lives

The USA as a nation that stands for freedom and individual liberty is done.  US citizens are not allowed to defend their lives and property from criminals.  The Constitution is being tossed aside and it is only a matter of time until there is a one world government.  Autonomous nations will cease to exist.  Trump has not been able to stop this march towards tyranny.  The second amendment was enacted to protect the people from the tyranny of government.  With our freedoms being taken away, it might already be too late to save this nation.

Prosecutor Kim Gardner has apparently decided it isn’t her job to keep us safe from criminals but to keep criminals safe from us, St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey tells Tucker on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’  When will Trump and the DOJ indict Gardner for her many crimes against humanity?

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says he will step in if Mark and Patricia McCloskey are charged on weapons violations and explains Kim Gardner’s history as prosecutor.

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