THE REGIME IS REAL: Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson Releases Jan. 6 Protester from Pre-Trial Custody After Repudiates Donald Trump

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Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson released a January 6th protester after several months from pre-trial incarceration after he disavowed President Trump.

We are now living under a communist cloak of oppression.

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Via Mike Cernovich:

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Thomas Sibick wrote a letter to Amy Berman Jackson repudiating President Donald Trump.

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He says Trump should be “ostracized” from society.

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Amy Berman Jackson is the same wicked DC judge who harassed and abused Roger Stone for years.

The far left judge lied repeatedly during his sentencing and accused Stone of threatening her which was a ridiculous joke.
The woman is not fit for office and this has been obvious for years.

CRAZED Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson Lied Repeatedly During Sentencing – Says Stone Threatened Her — Should be Imprisoned for 9 Years!

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Her antics have not gone unnoticed.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Argues Roger Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson ‘Deserves to be Impeached,’ Calls Her ‘Democratic Activist Wearing Robes’

Source material can be found at this site.

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