Coffee and the Book

A foggy winter evening,

Covered in dark clothing,

Through the haze, silently sitting;

Hot-coffee and me–sipping;

In a desolate corner of the cafe.  


A Muslim,  a Jew, a Christian;

A Hindu, an Atheist-all sitting;

They gossip, drink, laughing,

Like good old friends, beaming;

Life became good and teeming.


Then came two gentlemen, staring;

Holy Books in their hands, dangling;

Long gowns and beard, donning;

The wheels in Cafe now turning,

Faster than the warplanes bombing.


A comrade with his hate resolution,

Other with his book, cutting passion;

Third is not ready to leave any obsession; 

all fought, attacked and beat each creation;

With all possible energy and vision.


With dark around destroying,

Close connected friends creating,

Disorder in every nation spreading,

The peace-loving unable to ferrying;

A toxic gust of Holy and radical books.


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