(VIDEO) TGP’s Jordan Conradson Joins Kari Lake To Discuss HUGE 9TH CIRCUIT WIN Against Maricopa County And Upcoming Election Lawsuit

Lake: They tried to silence the voters when it comes to speaking out against our elections in any way, shape, or form by censoring them on social media. And then they tried to stop reporters such as yourself from even covering these terribly botched elections by keeping you away from the story, and they did that here in Maricopa County. Tell people what they did to you.

Conradson: Early on, before the election, they actually instituted this new criteria for reporters who want to cover elections-related press conferences in Maricopa County, and these were ridiculous requirements. It was mostly centered around the bias of your reporting, which, as we know, they’re allowing CNN, they’re allowing AZ Republic, AZ central into these press briefings. So, it had nothing to do with the bias whatsoever. But in reality, that is a content-based restriction, which, thankfully, the Ninth Circuit Court just ruled in our favor that they are not allowed to restrict me based on my content. So they didn’t want me in there asking real tough questions about what was going on in our election, and as we saw on Election Day with over 30%, you know, 60% of polling locations seeing issues such as voting machine failures, printer malfunctions, all this crazy stuff, long, long lines, they didn’t want to answer real questions about those issues.

Lake: You know what it tells me, Jordan? It tells me that they knew that they were gonna pull something, and they didn’t want to have anybody asking the tough questions because all these press conferences, it was like a love fest with a bunch of reporters who were totally fine with watching our elections being run like they’re run in third-world countries. They kept out any reporter who would ask a tough question, such as yourself. Can you talk a little bit about what happened when you showed up?

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Conradson: Yeah, so I showed up with a cease and desist order from our attorney, saying look, we’re going to sue you guys if you don’t let our reporter into these press conferences. So, I showed up with with the filing on hand, ready to show them, look, this is going to be the consequence of not letting me in so you can give me a press credential now, or you can continue to not let me in. And they chose to continue to not let me in they even brought out law enforcement to intimidate myself and Ben Bergquam and kick us off at the property. When we asked, is this not public property? They told us no, you can go to the free speech. zone over there. And really, what our understanding is, is that the public property outside of Maricopa County tabulation center was a free speech zone, but apparently not.

Lake: You fighting this in court, it takes time. And in that time, the coverage, the honest coverage, is unable to get out to the people, and that’s what they are hoping for. They’re hoping that the real story, the real truth, never makes it to the people and only this biased garbage that the fake news is pushing makes it into the ears of the people. And so you can never get back that time and the coverage that was so needed at that time. What did the judge say in the ninth circuit when he sided with you?

Conradson: They said that they can’t prevent me from attending the press conference. Sure, they can not answer my questions, but they just can’t do that. They can’t use this content-based restriction to suppress my First Amendment. And the problem here is that it is irreparable harm. We can’t get back those press conferences that we missed. We can’t get back that time when the news cycle was so big surrounding these massive errors and issues on election day. I’ll remind you an election that Katie Hobbs ran herself, an election that Katie Hobbs was down 11 points in the polls in just before the election.

Lake: It’s such a charade what they’re doing. The people are on it. Katie Hobbs knows that she didn’t win this. Katie Hobbs knows that the people don’t like what she’s pushing. And it goes to show, Jordan, how big our movement was. You covered it. The people of Arizona are sickened by what happened, and that’s why I’m staying in it and filing a lawsuit this Friday. Tell people around the country watching what kind of a movement you witnessed as you were watching it, it’s not about me, it’s about We the People. I just happened to be part of this with we that people. Explain what you saw in covering this.

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Conradson: You’re right. What I saw covering this reminded me of the 2020 election, where President Trump had 90-mile car parades in his favor, supporting him, patriots regular grassroots patriots trying to show their support for Donald Trump. And what we saw thereafter was an obviously corrupt election where we know for a fact Joe Biden didn’t win. The same thing as in 2020, you were pulling in crowds of 1000s of people, 1000s patriots showing up to your rallies. President Trump held rallies out here with 10s of 1000s of people. Katie Hobbs, she could only muster, what? 100, a couple hundred people at her biggest event.

Lake: You know, you covered our race and our campaign. You know it was a movement unlike we’ve ever seen in Arizona, and you covered it fairly. But I wonder if these other biased journalists, do they believe what they’re writing, or do you think they’re just brainwashed beyond repair?

Conradson: You know, Kari, at times, I really can’t tell. We had many journalists asking you what you would think of a 2024 vice presidential run. So here’s the thing they know that you are powerful enough as a politician to get out there, get the support, get the votes that you would need to actually become the Vice President. You’re tough enough to go to DC, but at the same time, they’re covering you as this lunatic they’re making you out to look like the most evil person in Arizona, like you’re going to destroy our state when in fact, the real person who’s gonna destroy our state is Katie Hobbs. So I couldn’t tell you if they’re malicious in their journalism or if they’re just stupid.

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