VIDEO: Trans Activist Arrested After Attacking Oklahoma State Congressman and Police Officer

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A trans activist was arrested inside Oklahoma Capitol yesterday after the activist hurled water at Republican Representative Bob Ed Culver and proceeded to attack a police officer.

The incident occurred shortly after Oklahoma lawmakers voted for gender transition procedures to be banned for minors.

Rep. Culver initially stated he wouldn’t press charges but after finding out a state trooper was attacked Culver decided to press charges.

Culver told the press “If water being thrown on me had been the extent of the action taken, I would not have given it a second thought. However, I cannot stand by while our highway patrolmen are assaulted for simply doing their jobs,”

He would continue “Taking all of that into consideration, I have decided to press charges against the individual who assaulted me.


Oklahoma 4 News reported the play by play moments of the attack:

But after the vote, when lawmakers were leaving the House floor, a protester hurled water at State Representative Bob Ed Culver, R-Tahlequah..

The protester was then escorted out by an Oklahoma State Trooper.

At the fourth floor stairwell on the southwest side, the protester threw the water again but this time at the trooper. That is when the trooper went in for an arrest. He followed the protester down the stairs until the two became physical.

Once detained by the trooper, the protester swung and open-handedly hit the trooper on the shoulder. After contemplating the event, Culver decided to press charges.

Billboard Chris reported the trans activist that was arrested was previously part of the protests that occurred on February 6th at Oklahoma capitol.

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The Gateway Pundit previously reported that over a hundred trans activists stormed Oklahoma Capitol in early February over a bill that would ban gender reassignment surgery for anyone under the age of 26.

Source material can be found at this site.

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