Karine Jean-Pierre Says House Republicans Want to Fill Our Cities with Smog, Give Asthma to Kids and Poison Children (VIDEO)

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday said House Republicans want to fill cities with smog and give asthma to children.

Karine Jean-Pierre trashed Republicans ahead of Joe Biden’s announcement to sign an executive order on ‘environmental justice.’

The affirmative action White House spox claimed House Speaker McCarthy’s plan will poison children and literally melt bones.

“[McCarthy’s plan] is a 320 page plan to kill jobs, fill our cities with smog and give asthma to our children,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“The proposal would repeal the Inflation Reduction Act’s green energy tax credits, sending thousands of jobs back to China. It would make it easier for oil companies to use toxic chemicals that cause severe burns, damage people’s eyes, and quite literally melt bones,” she added.

Karine Jean-Pierre claimed we would go back to a time where cities would be filled with smog and dirty air that ‘poison the lungs of our children.’


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