Study, now retracted, found that popularity of transgender mutilation among youth a direct result of “referral to a gender specialist” – children are being GROOMED to destroy their own bodies

Not nearly as many children would be seeking out a “gender transition” were it not for the heavy social and medical transition culture that aims to brainwash them into dissatisfaction with their natural biology.

These are among the findings of a new study, which was retracted from the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, not long after publishing, that destroy the myth of gender dysphoria being a common thing that children are just too scared to “come out” and admit.

Virtually no children would have any concept of transhumanism were it not for all the programming on television, on social media, and in public school. All of the grooming that occurs in public life these days, including drag performances at the local bar and grill and “drag queen story hour” at the local library, is the reason why transgenderism has become a fad.

“It’s easy to study things that make people happy,” said Prof. J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University, one of the study’s authors. “It’s much harder to study things that are bound to make at least some people unhappy.”

“Academia is in a really bad state right now with respect to what we should be doing, which is pursuing knowledge.”

Bailey’s article prior to being retracted is available for viewing at the Springer website.

(Related: The recent passage of Assembly Bill 957 in California means that LGBT “non-affirming” parents could lose their children to the state.)

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Transgender lobbying group launches boycott of journal until editor is removed

Suzanna Diaz, the pseudonym of another study co-author, is one such parent who believes her child developed rapid-onset gender dysphoria not because of some natural inclination, but rather because of social contagion.

For her own safety, Diaz chose to remain anonymous, presumably recognizing that the LGBT mob is sure to go after her for daring to tell the truth about how deliberate grooming is the reason for the transgender trend currently sweeping the West.

Diaz was smart to use a pseudonym seeing as how she and Bailey are already under attack by a group called the Center for Applied Transgender Studies that wrote to Springer in May 2023 launching a boycott of Archives of Sexual Behavior until its current editor, University of Toronto Prof. Kenneth Zucker, is removed.

“With this letter, we are informing you that we will no longer submit to the journal, act as peer reviewers, or serve in an editorial capacity until Dr. Zucker is replaced with an editor who has a demonstrated record of integrity on LGBTQ+ matters and, especially, trans matters,” the open letter states.

The reason for this boycott and letter, of course, is because the Center for Applied Transgender Studies does not like the findings of Bailey’s study, which it says “raises serious concerns over research ethics and intellectual integrity.”

Bailey’s own Institutional Review Board (IRB) looked at the article prior to publishing and “advised that publishing the results was likely ethical, provided data were deidentified,” which is exactly how it was published.

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Even so, the Center for Applied Transgender Studies only approves of pro-trans “science” that never questions anything like social contagion as a possible factor in transgenderism becoming a fad among young people desperately seeking attention and affirmation.

Archives of Sexual Behavior, presumably due to bullying from this pro-trans group, agreed to retract the study under false pretenses that Bailey says are not even true.

“Informed consent means that you’re supposed to inform participants what it is that you’re studying, and get their consent,” Bailey said, referring to the false claim that his paper somehow lacked informed consent.

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