WATCH: Comedian JP Sears and filmmaker Mikki Willis tag-team the Health Ranger and force him to accept “the SCIENCE”

Yesterday at the Brighteon studios in Texas, comedian JP Sears and filmmaker Mikki Willis tag-teamed me to force me to accept “the science” regarding life preservers.

Apparently, life preservers must be worn at all times because you never know when water might get you. And if everybody else doesn’t wear a life preserver, that causes your own life preserver to stop working, say the same people who pushed covid masks and double masking.

Speaking of double masking, Mikki Willis also said that people should wear at least two life preservers at all times, but no more than four while driving or sitting on the toilet.

When I initially refused to wear the life preserver, JP Sears called for me to be arrested. They pressured me into “the science” and threatened to walk off the set if I didn’t put one on.

So I complied. And now I regret it. Here’s how it went down:

Full interview with JP Sears and Mikki Willis

On a more serious note, JP Sears and Mikki Willis joined me for a full-length in-studio interview on other subjects, including the role of comedy in a crumbling society and what’s coming next for the plandemic series of films.

See more of their work at: and

The full interview is found in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, beginning at minute 17. There’s also a hilarious opening bit at the very beginning of the video, where I pretend to self-identify as JP Sears. Enjoy:

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– Mike Adams self-identifies as comedian JP Sears

– Investigation reveals that Fauci and other NIH “officials” are merely ACTORS with no actual authority

– Top federal officials such as Mayorkas, Austin and others are also ACTORS who never took oaths of office

– Joe Biden is a FAKE “president” who was never elected by the American people

– It’s all a Truman Show theater of the absurd, ruling through fakery and fraud

– Full in-studio interview with JP Sears and Mikki Willis of the Plandemic series

– JP Sears and Mikki Willis force Mike Adams to embrace “the science”





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