U.S., U.K. both seeing MASSIVE rise in disabilities – are covid jabs to blame?

Scientists and medical experts are baffled over the meteoric rise in disabilities that is occurring both in the United States and the United Kingdom. And while few are willing to admit it, the most obvious and likely culprit are none other than Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Investigator Steve Kirsch recently spoke with portfolio manager Ed Dowd about this phenomenon, the two ultimately agreeing that covid injections are clearly the cause behind the alarming rise in disability data being seen both in the U.S. and the UK.

“If we are wrong and there is a better explanation, why are all the health authorities silent?” Kirsch wrote in a recent piece about the subject.

Kirsch shared disability information from the FRED system to back his case. Based on surveys, FRED data is reliable in that all the surveys it draws from are the same methodologically. And they all clearly show a sudden spike in disability cases immediately following the launch of Operation Warp Speed.

Prior to the launch of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s warp speed rollout of covid jabs, the disability rate in the civilian labor force starting at age 16 was relatively stable. After the launch of Operation Warp speed, however, cases spiked.

In the UK, disability data is directly measured based on disability insurance claims. This data likewise shows a spike in disability cases after the launch of covid jabs in that region of the world.

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“Unlike the U.S. FRED numbers, the UK numbers are directly measured because these are numbers of disability insurance claims,” Kirsch explains.

“Overall, the claims rate now has a Z-score 5 which means it is highly unlikely to be caused by normal statistical fluctuations.”

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Blood issues likewise spiked after covid jab launch

Similarly, blood issues also spiked immediately after the launch of covid jabs. With a Z-score above 25, it is clear that this spike did not occur at random, but was specifically caused by something, that something being the obvious elephant in the room: covid injections.

“We know from the U.S. insurance data that the #1 cause of these disabilities is ‘unknown’ because we all know that vaccines are safe and effective, don’t we 😉 ?” Kirsch joked.

You are unlikely to read about any of this elsewhere since the corporate-controlled media would never dare to peg covid jabs as the culprit in all this. In fact, the media is remiss to even report on a spike in disabilities and blood issues, instead choosing to pretend as though everything is just fine and dandy in the public health world.

Unless Big Pharma or some other segment of the establishment cartel can profit in some way from reporting these truths, they will never even get reported in the first place. And since this critical information puts the pharmaceutical industry in the crosshairs, it will be especially ignored and covered up by the powers that be.

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“What changed is now they are moving toward the goals laid out in Agenda 21,” one commenter wrote. “Who didn’t notice the way they took down the Georgia Guidestones? The insane-sounding rumors, banning gas stoves, watch the Best and Brightest push forward with big windmills and solar systems – everyone knows what garbage it all is.”

“But media and government just keep pushing it, all while claiming that men can get pregnant. A society forced to accept insanity is what we have become, and why many don’t see the jabs as dangerous.”

There is nothing safe or effective about covid jabs – unless you mean that they effectively kill their recipients. More of the latest is available at ChemicalViolence.com.

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