LAPDOG MEDIA: NBC News Reports on Things Biden Staffers Are Doing to Help Voters Forget About His Age

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NBC News is reporting that Biden staffers are taking all kinds of little steps to make sure that Biden doesn’t have another fall or other type of senior moment so that voters won’t focus on his advanced age.

This is presented as a good and smart thing to do.

Does everyone remember how the media acted when Trump walked down a ramp slowly so that he wouldn’t slip? Does everyone remember how the media covered that moment? To suggest there is a double standard is an understatement.

From NBC News:

Note cards and shorter stairs: How Biden’s campaign is addressing his age

The president of the United States tripping and falling is never a good moment in the throes of a re-election campaign. But when the president is 80 years old and already faces concerns that he’s too old for another term, it’s something of a crisis.

Joe Biden’s aides realized they had a problem last month when the president tripped over a sandbag — hard — at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. Afterward, during a post-event recap, a few aides tried to figure out what may have gone wrong and how to make sure that such an embarrassing and dangerous incident “never happens again,” according to two people familiar with the discussion.

“You can’t be too careful,” one said.

Biden’s answer to voters who question whether he’s up to the rigors of a second term is simple: “Watch me.” The trouble is, voters are watching, and what they’re seeing is hardening impressions that it’s time for him to step aside, polling shows. Apart from being the most taxing job on the world stage, the presidency is also the most public, and signs of advancing age are tough to miss.

Some people on the left are actually angry about this report.

Can you imagine what these people would say if Biden got covered by the media the way Trump does?

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