20-Year-Old Fan Hospitalized with Severe Injuries and Brain Hemorrhage After Unprovoked Attack by American Rapper’s Entourage Over Photo Request (VIDEO)

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Right: Nardo Wick

A young fan’s request for a photograph with American rapper Nardo Wick turned into a nightmare when he was viciously attacked by members of the rapper’s entourage, according to video evidence and sources familiar with the incident.

The 20-year-old fan was admitted to the hospital with grave injuries, including a brain hemorrhage, which prompted a police investigation into the rapper’s entourage, responsible for the brutal attack.

The incident occurred late Sunday night following Nardo Wick’s performance at Club Skye in Tampa, Florida.

Sources have told TMZ that the fan recognized Nardo—real name Horace Bernard Walls III—as he exited the venue around 1:15 AM and approached for a photo.

Video footage obtained by TMZ shows the grim moment of the unprovoked attack wherein the fan was sucker-punched by one of Nardo’s crew members, causing the victim’s head to smash against a concrete wall.

Reeling from the initial blow, the fan was hit yet again by another individual from the group, driving him to the ground where his head struck the pavement, as per TMZ’s report. While Nardo Wick, identifiable in a white shirt in the video, appeared to attempt to de-escalate the situation, the violence had already taken its toll.


The young fan was rushed to a local hospital for treatment and is reportedly suffering from a grave concussion and brain hemorrhaging. Sources close to the situation have expressed concern about potential long-term consequences, though his current condition is listed as critical but stable.

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In response to the incident, Tampa Police have reached out to the public seeking assistance in identifying the assailants. A police spokesperson has confirmed the severity of the situation and the active search for individuals involved in the attack.

In the wake of the incident, backlash against Nardo Wick has been erupting on social media.

A user on platform X decried the incident with the comment, “Homie don’t want no White fans!”

Source material can be found at this site.

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