BLOOD MONEY: Here are the TOP 10 POLITICIANS taking influence money from ISRAEL

Israel’s “best friend” has long been the United States, which boasts unconditional support for the Jewish state no matter what. That support comes at a price, though — not only to taxpayers but also to the integrity of American politicians who are on the dole of Israel in exchange for their endorsement.

The following 10 American politicians have taken the most bribe money from Israel over the years to supports the Zionist agenda:

1) Joe Biden

By far Israel’s most well-funded supporter, Joe “the big guy” Biden has taken in a whopping $4,346,264 dollars that we know of from the Jewish state. From the very beginning, Biden has bragged that he is “an implacable friend of Israel” who throughout his Senate career “shower[ed] Israel with unquestioning support, even when its behavior elicited bipartisan outrage.”

Biden infamously helped to block a 1998 peace proposal with Palestine while securing record sums of U.S aid for the Jewish state. More recently, Biden has boasted that there are “no red lines” that Israel could ever cross that would cause the Jewish state to lose U.S. support.

Back in November, Biden rubber-stamped another $14.5 billion in military aid to Israel to ensure a greater chance of success in Gaza.

2) Robert Menéndez

This Democrat New Jersey senator has raked in nearly $2.5 million in contributions from Israel for his unquestioning support for the Jewish state. Following the October 7 Hamas attack, Menéndez delivered a prepared speech to Biden calling for his regime to “stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel and her people,” a cause that Menéndez says he has been “devoted to … for 31 years in Congress.

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3) Mitch McConnell

This Republican political dinosaur has amassed nearly $2 million in blood money from Israel for playing a critical role in promoting the Zionist agenda via American politics. A close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, McConnell has condemned the United Nations (UN) and called on the U.S. to veto any UN resolution that in any way criticizes Israel.

4) Chuck Schumer

This prominent New York Democrat has taken in more than $1.725 million from the Israel lobby, in part for the role he is playing in steering the public conversation away from Israel’s war crimes and towards an alleged increase in “antisemitism” across America over the war in Gaza.

5) Steny Hoyer

The former House Majority Leader continues to be one of Israel’s most vocal supporters in the House of Representatives, having called on Congress to “immediately and unconditionally fund Israel.”

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6) Ted Cruz

This Texas Republican has received $1.3 million from the Israel lobby, stating that it is “critical” for every American to support Israel “100 percent.” Cruz is notorious for repeating the “human shields” line about Hamas, stating that Israel “has a right to defend itself” by committing genocide in Gaza.

7) Ron Wyden

This Oregon Democrat has accepted a cool nearly $1.28 million from Israel, having co-sponsored a bill in 2017 to punish Americans with a maximum 20-year prison sentence for participating in or even just encouraging boycotts against Israel and Israeli settlements.

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8) Dick Durbin

Durbin’s nearly $1.2 million in bribe money from Israel is part of the reason why the Illinois Democrat called for immediate military aid to Israel after October 7, as well as his co-signing of a Senate resolution reaffirming Washington’s support for Israel’s “right to self-defense.”

9) Josh Gottheimer

The more than $1.1 million that this New Jersey congressman has taken in from Israel is money well spent, seeing as how Gottheimer co-sponsored a bill equating opposition to the Israeli government’s actions with “antisemitism.”

10) Shontel Brown

During the two-year election cycle in 2020, this Ohio politician raked in more pro-Israel money than any other politician nationwide. Brown unequivocally supports Israel’s actions in Gaza and rejects the idea that Israel is an apartheid state.

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