Racist Christian-Basher Joy Reid Criticizes Iowa’s Demographics of Predominantly White Christian Population in Caucus Participation (VIDEO)

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Screenshot: MSNBC

MSNBC host Joy Reid criticized Iowa’s predominantly white Christian population for their role in the recent caucuses, which saw Donald Trump secure a significant victory in his bid for a third consecutive Republican nomination.

During a segment discussing the Iowa caucuses, Reid poured out racist rhetoric about the demographic composition of the state, emphasizing its majority of white Christians while she culturally appropriates white people’s blonde hair.

“These are white Christians. This is a state that is overrepresented by white Christians that are going to participate tonight. This is a hyper-evangelical, white state,” Reid said.

Her comments, which were based on data from the Public Religion Research Institute, underscored that 61% of Iowa’s population is white Christian, compared to approximately 41% in the country as a whole.

Reid’s comments took a sharper turn as she interrogated the steadfast support of evangelical white Christians for Donald Trump despite a series of electoral setbacks. According to the information relayed to her by Jones, this demographic sees themselves as “the rightful inheritors of this country,” with Trump being the leader who promises to restore that legacy.


In her commentary, Reid did not stop at discussing the demographic dynamics of Iowa. She went on to claim that Nikki Haley faces an uphill battle in securing the GOP nomination because of racism — that she’s a Sikh-American.

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“She’s still a brown lady that’s got to try to win in a party that is deeply anti-immigrant and which accepts the notion that you can say immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country. She’s getting, you know, ‘birthered’ by Donald Trump.”

She then added that DeSantis has more shots than Haley because he is white.

“And I don’t care how much the donor likes her, which will ramp up a lot, the better she does in New Hampshire. So it’s still a challenge. I don’t see how she becomes the nominee of that party with Donald Trump still around. I can’t picture it happening. Maybe it could happen. Ron DeSantis’s only argument for staying in it is he’s the white guy, that he can still make the appeal to whitey people.”


Joy Reid’s recent racist remark about Iowa’s predominantly white Christian population in the context of Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa reflects a pattern of similar comments from liberals in the past.


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