Black Voter in Philadelphia: ‘We Need Trump Back Because He Got Things Done’ (VIDEO)

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The 2024 election feels very different than the 2020 election and we see examples of changing attitudes every day.

Addison Smith of Newsmax recently spoke to a black voter in Philadelphia, a famously blue city, who explained why the country needs to reelect Trump in 2024.

Trump is making huge gains with minority voters in this election cycle and this voter does a great job of explaining why this is happening. No one has confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to lead the country.

RedState has details:

Smith also spoke with a guy who broke it down in terms that would resonate with everyone on Thursday in Philadelphia. He pointed out how they were having the event there for Biden and that there were a lot of Americans “struggling,” but Biden was helping illegal aliens, “When are you going to help American people?” he asked.

The voter then went into something that isn’t said enough now in media: that Biden made us “look weak” with his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. “Now people don’t take us serious,” he said. “They look at us like a joke.”

“On top of that, you’re not mentally capable of running the country, bro,” he said to Biden.

He was asked by the Newsmax reporter, “Who is?”

“Trump,” the voter declared. “He’s quick to push buttons, but that’s what we need. We need a hard fist for this country…Biden, he’s going through Alzheimer’s; he’s a joke. Trump? He don’t play around, man; he gets things done. You see action, man. We don’t need that POS in the office.” He then apologized for cursing.

“We need Trump back because he got things done, and we see results,” the man exclaimed.

Watch the video below:

That should scare the hell out of the Democrats. Their fear mongering and slander against Trump just isn’t working this time.

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