Patriot and Actor Jon Voight Makes the Case for Bringing Trump Back in 2024 (VIDEO)

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Actor and American patriot Jon Voight has released a new video in which he makes a strong case for reelecting Donald Trump in 2024.

Voight is one of those rare Hollywood celebrities who lives openly as a conservative and Trump supporter. He has publicly supported Trump for years now.

In the video, Voight addresses many of the issues that are top concerns for voters this year.

Breitbart News has a partial transcript:

“Bring back what was lost,” Voight said in a two-minute video posted to his X social media account. “We must bring back the safety of this great country. We must bring back our greatest achievements that once were blooming.

“My friends of all colors, all religions, all nations, we must remember [this] truth: one love, under God. This life is full of injustice, this land of Israel is in danger, the land of the free, the USA, is in danger.

“Let us all come together and make these countries safe again. We must stop this war. We must stop this darkness. This negative plague that is lingering. How? Vote, for the only president that can save these countries once and for all.

“Let all nations bloom, let them shine. My friends, the only way, President Donald J. Trump. He and only he can take this hardship and turn it into a magnificent triumph. He can wipe out this swamp and bring glory, bring justice. And he will help save Israel and warn these enemies that they will pay the price of their injustice, for their disgraceful actions.”

Voight added, “Justice will prevail, and peace for all nations will come to be” should Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, get elected in November.

Watch the video:

Thank you, Mr. Voight.

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Save America. Doesn’t that pretty much say it all?

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