The U.S. Congress is a wretched hive of scum and villainy – the Health Ranger’s best tweets of the week

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Because of this freedom-enhancing structure, is rapidly becoming a platform where people express an amazing array of free speech. Here are my own posts from the last week, divided by topic:

Treason by the U.S. Congress

What the House vote on $95 billion for #Ukraine and #Israel proves is that voting for Republicans is a pointless waste of time, since Republicans in power produce the EXACT SAME RESULTS as Democrats in power: Waste, corruption, tyranny and fraud. The United States Congress is utterly disconnected from the people they claim to represent, and I will absolutely CHEER the day the Treasury defaults on dollar debt so that this endless cycle of currency counterfeiting, war and corruption is brought to a halt. You are witnessing the final insane self-immolation of a once-great nation that has now collapsed into a clown show horror flick ruled by traitors and tyrants who deserve to rot in prison for the rest of their lives for the crimes they have carried out against the nation they swore to serve.

Consider the timing of all this: On April 15th, you paid outrageous taxes to the federal government. Just four days later, on April 19th, that same government passes a FISA spying bill to spy you, using your own money to build an Orwellian domestic surveillance infrastructure that violates your constitutional rights and treats you like a criminal suspect at every turn. At the same time, this government approves $95 billion in handouts to #Israel and #Ukraine, all while literally waving the Ukrainian flag in the halls of Congress, cheering for Ukraine as they destroy the United States of America. You have been conquered. You no longer have a country. The real “insurrection” in America has been achieved, and it was carried out by the treasonous members of the U.S. Congress who are waging war against their own people. We now live under a corrupt, criminal cabal of “rulers” in Washington D.C. who are beholden ONLY to foreign interests, and far from being an “ally” of the United States, #Israel is America’s most dangerous parasitic enemy. Congress obediently answers to Israel, but never to the American people it claims to represent. If Trump is elected again, he might as well just move the U.S. Capitol to Tel Aviv and let Netanyahu rule America like a military dictator, because that’s exactly how things function right now anyway.

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By approving $26 billion in funding for #Israel, the U.S. Congress is complicit in #genocide. That money will be used by Israel to bomb to death countless more women and children. And some of the money will be funneled back to the Israeli lobby in the USA to bribe the very same U.S. members of Congress who passed this sickening bill in the first place. Israel has become a genocidal, violent, lawless regime run by cruel tyrants, and it functions as a “gold digging whore” to the United States of America which keeps writing checks for Israel’s crimes against humanity, all using taxpayer money and exploding debt that will end in fiscal catastrophe. With these actions, the U.S. Congress has become a “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” as Obi-Wan Kenobi once warned. “We must be cautious.”


The Economy

Do you realize that for the U.S. economy, “GDP” actually stands for Gross DEATH Product? It seems that most of the economic “activity” is either funding the Military Industrial Complex (the war / death industry) or funding Big Pharma’s deadly jabs, medications and procedures that kill even more people. If not for the war industry, America would hardly have any industry at all. And without Big Pharma’s inflated, government-subsidized activities, the real GDP numbers would be pathetic. What does America actually produce that IMPROVES people’s lives? Almost nothing.

Speaker Johnson is presenting a bill to confiscate (steal) Russian Federation assets, which amount to nearly $300 billion held in mostly US currency in European banks. The reason the U.S. now needs to steal from #Russia is because the U.S. no longer produces much of anything, and its currency is collapsing, so it has to loot assets from the countries like Russia that actually produce things. The USA’s economy is largely based on money printing and exporting #inflation, rather than adding anything of real value to the world. So now, the USA resorts to highway robbery, or “bankjacking” Russian assets, which will of course only accelerate the collapse of global trust in the dollar and western banks. Speaker Johnson is committing FINANCIAL SUICIDE for the USA and the dollar. If you or I decided to loot assets from banks, we’d be arrested as bank robbers or cyber criminals. When the entire nation of the USA does it, somehow it’s called “leadership.” WE ARE RULED BY CROOKS AND TYRANTS.

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Western civilization has descended into a suicide cult. That guy who set himself on fire in front of the Trump trial a few days ago? That’s what the U.S. Congress is doing by voting for $95+ billion for #Ukraine, #Israel and other countries while doing NOTHING for America’s wide open border invasion. The money printing madness will end in catastrophic collapse. The patients are running the insane asylum. There is no mechanism and no person who can reverse the self-immolation of western civilization, as is evidenced by lunatic European countries shutting down thousands of farms, while the United States sends bombs and money to Israel to start World War III. You are watching the death throes of a suicide cult on steroids. Future historians will struggle at finding the right words to even describe the insanity that has infested the minds of western institutions today: Government, media, education, finance and more. The level of stupidity + insanity that has taken hold is almost indescribable. War is peace. Men can have babies. Slavery is freedom. Censorship is truth. Unreal.


Japan’s COVID jabs

The COVID jab is the THIRD weapon of mass destruction that has been inflicted upon #Japan in recent history. The first two were atomic bombs dropped by the USA that killed an estimated 300,000 civilians, representing an atrocious crime against humanity. Now, the third weapon is the bioweapons covid jab that will almost certainly kill far more Japanese than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When will the Japanese learn to stop trusting the West? Japan is already suffering a demographic collapse, even before the wave of sudden deaths caused by the jab. This is truly an existential crisis for Japan.


Stupidity of European leaders

Germany carried out the Holocaust in World War II. More recently, #Germany has funded #Nazi groups in #Ukraine that proudly display Nazi symbolism. Even worse, Germany is now complicit in a second Holocaust by supporting #Israel and its #genocide against #Gaza and #Palestine. Three strikes. Germany’s leaders are NEVER on the right side of history, and bizarrely, Germany’s Chancellor now blames Russia for “turning off the gas” after the U.S. Navy bombed the Nord Stream pipelines in the greatest act of infrastructure terrorism ever carried out against Germany by one of its own allies. Will Germany ever learn?


Nuclear fallout

FALLOUT FACTS: Do you realize that once #Israel takes this war nuclear, all food around the world that was harvested BEFORE that day will be especially valuable as “pre-fallout” food. All food harvested AFTER that day will be suspected of being contaminated with FALLOUT (i.e. radioisotopes that get into the food supply). Fallout-contaminated food will be sold at deep discounts to those too poor to afford non-radioactive food. Cesium-137 lasts about 300 years in the soils, and it mimics potassium pathways in biology. When cows graze on “fallout grass,” they will concentrate Cs-137 in their fat tissues, meaning it will end up in the milk, cheese and meat products. Clean, non-radioactive cow’s milk will become an expensive luxury. Radiation-free steak will be a rarity only afforded by the wealthy. About a year ago in my mass spec lab, we tested all the popular water filters for their ability to remove Cesium from contaminated water. YouTube / Google BANNED the video, mostly because they are evil anti-humanists who want you to die. You can only find the video on Brighteon.


Collapse of the West

My topic for tomorrow’s Brighteon Broadcast News: “Israel, Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States have already been defeated”

A tipping point has been reached. Across seven key areas of civilization, including energy resources, industrial output, currency, education and others, western nations are “suicide cult” countries that are rapidly destroying themselves. It’s already too late to halt the self-immolation of #Israel, #Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States. All these western nations will be, over the next several years, eclipsed by the new multi-polar industrial, technological, financial and military leaders of the world, whose innovations are already making (corrupt, lazy, apathetic, incompetent) western nations obsolete. The US #dollar, for example, having been weaponized by the United States, will be abandoned for world trade as BRICS nations launch their own settlement solutions very soon. Russia’s military tech is 15 years ahead of the USA, and Iran just proved it has out-paced Israel’s “Iron Dome” technology, which has now been shown to be an expensive failure that can’t stop Iran’s hypersonic missiles. #Germany is committing energy suicide, #France is run by a delusional warmongering death cult leader, and the UK is incessantly incompetent at everything (including its laughable military technology that almost never works). The USA, for its part, features Space Force and Navy admirals who are cross-dressing men wearing wigs, push-up bras and high-heels, lecturing the world on why using the right pronouns will help us “win wars.” The West has become the laughing stock of the entire world.

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Ukraine’s Zelensky said he wants the U.S. to help Ukraine the same way it helps #Israel. Because apparently the $110+ billion already designated to Ukraine apparently isn’t enough. Got news for ya, Zelensky. All you had to do was funnel a small percentage of that money back into the pockets of U.S. House and Senate members and you could have bought them off for pennies on the dollar. That’s what Israel does, and it works like a charm!

The $95 billion now approved by the treasonous U.S. Congress to fund Ukraine’s war with #Russia will not change the outcome of this conflict. #Ukraine has already lost the war, as it has nearly out of men and equipment to fight it. This new money will only guarantee that more Ukrainian men are sacrificed on the front lines while Russia meticulously, patiently eliminates them and defeats whatever obsolete equipment western nations can heave eastward. $95 billion for Ukraine means $95 billion worth of hardware that the Russians will use for target practice, to make their vastly superior military even more proficient and effective. Russia is able to rotate “green” troops into active combat positions, saturating their active duty personnel with frontline military experience, building the most proficient and capable land army in the world, backed by the most advanced weaponry that any nation has ever produced (such as hypersonic missiles, advanced anti-air defense systems, highly effective combat drones, etc.). Meanwhile, the Ukraine-flag-waving absolute morons in the U.S. Congress think they can print money to defeat Russia. But America lacks the industrial output to even match Russia’s, much less exceed it. Is the plan to air drop pallets of cash onto Russian soldiers, hoping to crush them with fiat currency? When Ukraine is fully defeated — likely to happen before the end of this year — there will be zero accountability for all the government waste, the $200+ billion cash that vanishes, the 500,000+ dead Ukrainian men, and the disruption of global trade and food output caused by insane western leaders (like Boris Johnson) gunning for war instead of leading the people to peace and prosperity. You are watching the self-immolation of Western civilization. The collapse of the #dollar isn’t far away at this point, and when it collapses and the U.S. empire can’t keep funding war provocations across the planet, the world will be far better off.



I have great respect for Peter Schiff, and have interviewed him several times (and will do so again). However, when he says that #Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, that’s something I used to believe, but now I understand that intrinsic value doesn’t have to mean it’s exchangeable for gold or currency or commodities. Bitcoin has intrinsic value in several super important ways: 1) It cannot be counterfeited by governments. This is perhaps its most important value. It’s an honest ledger. 2) It is almost impossible to confiscate. Non-confiscatability makes it better than any bank account, treasuries or stocks. 3) It is decentralized, which means no government can effectively weaponize it and deplatform people from it like they do with SWIFT. And 4) It is incredibly portable, with international transfers taking just minutes to confirm, and you can carry it with you by memorizing a seed phrase, which means you can transport it across borders without it being confiscated if you are a refugee, or enemy of the state, etc. These properties are intrinsic to Bitcoin, and there are other cryptos that add additional valuable items such as #privacy with #Monero. Mark my words: BITCOIN WILL OUTLAST THE #DOLLAR. I highly recommend that every person’s portfolio contain at least 0.1 BTC, in addition to #gold, #silver and of course plenty of ammo (where legal) and garden seeds. If you want to know the best place to buy Bitcoin that I’ve seen, it’s You can also buy Monero there, although Monero is under extreme attack by regulators.


Israel and genocide

Just astonishing how conservative media in America is outraged that pro-Palestine protesters are blocking traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge today, but not at all outraged about #Israel bombing hospitals, refugee camps, refugee routes, food aid workers, UN workers and residential apartment buildings across #Gaza. Apparently, if you’re Breitbart or other zionist-funded propaganda outlets, stopping traffic in America is a crime against humanity, but stopping the beating hearts of 35,000+ Palestinian civilians is no crime at all. Disgusting.

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In exactly the same way that Black Lives Matter tried to claim that any criticism of their violent, lawless tactics was “racism,” #Israeli zionist zealots now try to claim that any criticism of their murderous campaign of civilian #genocide is “anti-Semitic.” Both arguments are flatly disengenuous. A person can criticize Israel’s genocide without harboring hatred toward all #Jews. A person can likewise denounce BLM’s tactics of violence and marxism without declaring eternal hatred toward all Blacks. It is dishonest to try to conflate criticism of one group’s policies and actions with an entire ethnic representation. Personally, I harbor no hatred whatseover toward Blacks, Whites, Jews, gays, Russians, Chinese, or any group. As you have already gleaned if you are wise, it is the globalist-controlled governments that carry out the genocide and try to divide people along these lines. On the ground, face to face, most people just want to get along, raise their children and not be bombed, silenced or enslaved by rogue governments. Beware of those so-called “influencers” or “journalists” who are pushing globalist narratives that try to claim racial supremacy. Like Ben Shapiro, for example.

It is nothing short of astonishing that the UK’s David Cameron blames #Iran for a “disproportionate” response to #Israel, claiming that launching 301 low-cost drones and missiles that did, according to US Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, “very little actual damage,” was a horrendous and unprovoked war crime against Israel. Yet this same David Cameron says absolutely nothing about Israel bombing to death 15,000+ Palestinian children, bombing hospitals, refugee camps, food aid workers and diplomatic property in Damascus. Israel has dropped more tonnage of bombs on Gaza than what the U.S. military dropped on Japan in World War II (it’s not even close), and yet Cameron thinks that’s all perfectly reasonable. Are these people truly so delusional and evil that they don’t realize how insane they appear to the rest of the world? Iran’s response was actually RESTRAINED. Iran even gave a 72-hour warning of its retaliation. Israel never gives warnings. It just bombs anything it wants (or assassinates anybody it wants) and then acts like it has the RIGHT to engage in such activities without recourse, while the UK and US provide cover.

Wild how all the Zionists in America (including in alt media) are so worried about anti-genocide protests on college campuses, but not at all worried about the continued mass bombing and killing of tens of thousands of women and children in #Gaza. As #Zionists, they readily and quickly slide into the role of playing “victim,” because that’s what has always given them mileage. But those days are over. Zionism = EVIL. The world sees the Zionists for who they truly are: Manipulators, murderers, ethnic supremacists and instigators of violence.

It’s over for #Israel. Their raw brutality is actually a sign of the coming END to their Apartheid occupation and brutalization of the Palestinian people. Just as the UK was eventually forced to abandon their occupation of India, the Zionists who have unleashed terror and death upon the people of #Palestine since 1948 are about to be thrown off and ejected from the region. You are watching the beginning stages of the end of Israel as we know it. And when modern Israel is ended, it will also bring an end to untold human suffering and misery in the entire region. Full details:

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