NO ONE can censor you at, unlike Elon Musk’s X which will ALWAYS be doomed under censorship pressure

For all that he claims to have done to X (formerly Twitter) in support of free speech ever since taking over the popular social media platform and turning it private, billionaire electric vehicle (EV) guru Elon Musk still runs a centralized social media operation riddled with censorship – censorship that quite frankly does not and cannot occur on the new social media platform.

In the following interview between Mike Adams and Bastyon architect Daniel Satchkov, you will learn about the uniquely decentralized, peer-to-peer infrastructure that makes a social media platform that is truly of We the People. There is no central source that controls, and in fact there is no possible way for there to ever be one based on how it was designed.

A “forked” repository of Bastyon, is set up to allow users to decide what gets shared and goes viral on the platform. Each user, or peer, is fully in charge of all content that gets shared, regardless of who approves or disapproves of it.

There is also no intellectual property at, nor is there any centralized team or source that monitors or regulates the digital movement of content, all of which is non-corporate. is pretty much an organically grown social media portal through which free speech can happen anywhere, anytime without any possible interference from the government, corporations or anyone else that might seek to stymie your First Amendment rights online.

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“If the government tries to order us to remove content from or Bastyon, there is simply no way to do it,” Satchkov explains to Adams about the impossibility of censorship within these novel ecosystems. “It just doesn’t work like that.”

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Satchkov and Adams both worry about the increasing pressure of lawfare on the internet, including on social media as governments, i.e., the new government in Brazil, ordering social media platforms to censor content of which they disapprove.

No matter what transpires on the globalist censorship front, in other words, both and Bastyon will always be there to facilitate free speech no matter what the powers that be attempt to try to stop it.

There is a very real possibility in the not-too-distant future that internet censorship will start to occur at the DNS level, meaning right at the source of domain hosting. Offending websites will simply get shut off from their domains, barring entire content repositories from even existing.

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None of this can ever affect, though, as its architecture does not rely on any centralized source for content sharing whether that be servers, domain names, DNS or anything else.

“It doesn’t use centralized internet at all,” Satchkov told Adams about the amazing ability of Bastyon and to function independently of the internet whenever governments hit the internet kill switch, leaving the rest of the internet besides these two platforms completely non-functional.

“I like to call it the Swiss knife of censorship resistance,” Satchkov added about the unique architecture. “It’s constantly evolving, but at this point the way it works is when you download it to your computer, it will not use any of the legacy centralized internet. It will connect directly to the nodes around the world, so it doesn’t care anything about the domain name resolution or anything like that at all.”

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